Galvanized pipe

Galvanized pipe

What is a galvanized pipe?

Galvanized steel has existed for over 300 years and was used for making pipes during the nineteenth century. Galvanized steel pipes replaced the harmful lead pipes for transporting water and other fluids for domestic, commercial, and industrial uses.

Galvanized pipes are steel pipes coated with zinc to have corrosion resistance for being ideal for many applications in several sectors. The zinc coating is resistant to many other outdoor environmental elements and humidity.

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Galvanized pipe specifications, dimensions, and sizes

Galvanized Pipe Specification

Galvanized Pipe Types and Tolerances

Galvanized Pipe Technical Specifications

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Galvanized steel pipe advantages and disadvantages

One-inch galvanized pipe, 2-inch galvanized pipe, and many other sized pipes have been used for many years. It is because of their many benefits to the lead pipes used before. Dipping in zinc provides 2 galvanized pipes, galvanized square tubes, etc., with corrosion resistance, but it also has disadvantages.

While dipping in natural zinc, which has many impurities like lead, reacted with the flowing fluid elements. Hence it became a big disadvantage for 3-inch galvanized pipes, culvert pipes, galvanized water pipes, and others. But using galvanized steel coated with pure zinc does not have a disadvantage.

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Can galvanized steel pipe be used for natural gas?

The question of can galvanized steel pipes be used for natural gas has been there for a long time.
The sulfur in the natural gas reacts with zinc in the galvanized pipes to flake it away. Hence many replaced it with black iron pipe without zinc. But now the natural gas supply is far better with refining to remove harmful elements to use galvanized steel pipes.

IFGC, or the International Fuel Gas Code, also allows galvanized steel tubes for natural gas delivery systems. But the 3 galvanized pipes or others must meet all the ASTM A53/A53m-05 standards. Also, with IFGC being model codes, the local jurisdictions will decide on using 1 galvanized pipe or others for natural gas.

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Galvanized pipe vs. steel pipe

Galvanized and stainless steel pipes are all made of steel, becoming a trillion-dollar industry. If the steel pipes have zinc coating, it is galvanized, and if it has chromium coating, it is stainless steel. Because of their different compositions, they have many differences.

  • Stainless steel pipe is stronger than its galvanized counterpart
  • Stainless steel rusts slower than its galvanized counterpart
  • Stainless steel pipes last long and are more popular than galvanized pipes
  • Galvanized tubes and pipes are cheaper than stainless steel pipes
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What are the types of galvanized steel pipe?

Galvanized conduit is by many types of pipes depend on many factors like the material used, size, color, shape, and others. It includes lowes galvanized pipe, and welding galvanized pipe, black galvanized pipe, etc. Each has a different composition of zinc and manufacturing processes suitable for specific purposes.

For example, schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe with unique HDG or hot dip galvanizing process bonds the zinc tight to the steel to give superior corrosion protection. Also, 4-inch galvanized pipes are ideal for many applications in several sectors.

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Galvanized steel pipe vs. ductile iron pipe

Iron is the base element for making steel but has many impurities, which many methods are used to remove. Galvanization is one of them to treat with zinc to have rust-proof properties. Ductile cast iron is a method of adding graphite to increase elasticity and flexibility.

Galvanized iron pipe differs from ductile iron pipe in the composition like zinc for galvanization and graphite for a ductile iron cast. While galvanized steel has only a zinc coating, the iron cast has graphite, silicon, and other elements.