Gate valves

Gate valves

What are gate valves?

Valves are components in piping that allow to control or shut down the flow entirely. Valves are used in different types and sizes and are made of different materials. There are ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, pinch valves, piston valves, and many other specific types. The Gate Valves are used to shut down or open the pipeline flow. The valve consists of a seating area, the stem, the spindle bearing, the bonnet, packing, the wedge, and a ductile iron valve body.

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What is industrial gate valve used for?

An industrial gate valve is proper when necessary to connect a new component to the pipeline. Together with other components, the gate valves can considerably reduce the time in shutting down the operation for a fixture of new equipment. In case of a repair downstream, the gate valves are extremely useful as they can shut down the operation until the repair, and can be immediately opened up. These valves are also used to control the flow logic in larger, and more complex systems of fluid flow.

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Slide gate valve working principle

A Slide gate valve uses a moving stem that is steered through a handle wheel. As the wheel is rotated clockwise or counterclockwise, the wedge is lowered or raised from the seating. This allows for the metal slide in the wedge to completely close or open the pipe within which the slide will rise and lower. There are Metal seated gate valve and other types of seat valves. Depending on the flow rate, the material flowing through the gate, and other aspects of the system, the valves may differ.

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How to tell if a water gate valve is open or closed?

As gate valves are used with different mechanisms to open and close, their positions are to be found in different ways. The Water gate valve can be raised and lowered with a stem. In these cases, if the stem is raised, the valve is open. If the stem is lowered inside the valve body, then the valve is open. There are other mechanisms that involve non-rising stems. In these instances, there is special equipment mounted on top of the handle wheel called the position indicators. These can tell the user whether the valve is closed or open.

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Can a vacuum gate valve leak?

In applications where a vacuum has to be maintained, the system has to shut down airtight. In situations like this, the Vacuum gate valve is useful to maintain the desired pressure to cause the vacuum or to maintain the vacuum conditions. The turbo pumps are a good example of applications where vacuum gate valves are used. However, the parts of the valve can develop rust or damage over time. Any impurities in the flow, can also make the edge and surface of the metal seat deform. This can cause the vacuum valve to leak. The Hydraulic gate valves can be seen used in most oil and gas applications.

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Is gate valve manual or automatic?

Electric gate valve and other automatic types of gate valves are present to make sure that the system controls its own flow based on the flow logic installed into the system. However, most valves like Steam gate valve and hydraulic gate valves are manual. These are mechanical devices that can be controlled manually be hand. Although there are different types such as the Slab gate valve which make the handy operation easy, sometimes, you need to have automated systems to allow the valves for automated operation. The most common type of automated valves is the electric valves.

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