Geomet coated bolts

Geomet Coated Bolts

What is geomet coated bolts?

A geomet coated bolt is a water-based family containing metal oxide, metallic zinc, and aluminum flakes. The Geomet Coated Bolts have high performance and connect different pieces of equipment. These bolts have thin anti corrosion resistance and work in different environments. Geomet Coating Fasteners can be temporarily and permanently affixed in place. These fasteners are very reliable and have a strong service life. Generally, Geomet 321 washers are used to distribute the weight and pressure in bolts. These washers protect the equipment in aggressive conditions. The Geomet 720 screws are similar to bolts but may not require a nut to hold them in place.

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Geomet Coated Bolts specifications and dimensions

Geomet Coated Bolts Specifications

Geomet Coated Bolts Dimensions

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What is a disadvantage of geomet blind bolts?

A geomet blind bolt is designed with a blank end that efficiently holds material in place. The Geomet Blind Bolts require special tools to affix them and take up a lot of space. This coating is totally inorganic after the thermal curing process. The Geomet 500b Blind Bolt may also dismantle under stress and vibration.

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Characteristics of geomet 500 bolts

The Geomet 500 bolt has higher corrosion protection in different thicknesses. The Geomet 500 Bolts have no risk of hydrogen embrittlement. These bolts are employed to fasten threaded or non-threaded material efficiently. A Geomet stud bolt is resistant to heat and is very conductive. These bolts are water-based and have no content of chromium affluents.

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What is the hardness of geomet stud bolt?

Geomet stud bolt is coated on different materials and grades. The hardness of these bolts is based on their material grade of these bolts.

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What is geomet bolts used for?

A geomet bolt is a chrome free metallic surface that is suitable for protecting large and small parts having complex geometry. The bolt Geomet Coating Fasteners are utilized in the automotive sector, water-based systems, and different industries.

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What is the process of geomet 500 threaded rod?

The Geomet 500 coating is a water-based chemical coat that is applied to prevent corrosion. A Geomet 500 threaded rod is applied using bulk, dip spin, rack spin, or electrostatic spraying procedures. The variety of coating options in the Blind Bolt Geomet 500 allows it to coat all parts and even those that require partial coating.