Globe control valve diaphragm operated

Globe control valve diaphragm operated

What is Globe Control Valve Diaphragm Operated?

Globe control valves are used to regulate the flow of fluid in a particular system. When a diaphragm is used to operate these valves it is known as Globe Control Valve Diaphragm Operated. Let us look into it in depth

They are normal control valves that control the flow of fluid but are operated with the help of a diaphragm in order to adjust the process variables such as flow rate, temperature, and pressure. Diaphragm operated control valves are used in all sectors of the oil and gas industry except for subsea.

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How are the Pneumatic globe control valves operated?

The piston is connected to the globe valve shaft. When the valve shaft is pulled by the compressed air pushing the piston upwards the valve opens. This open valve closes when the compressed air pushes the piston down along the valve shaft.

Diaphragm operated process control valves are available in 2 types single acting and double acting. The single acting valve uses pneumatic pressure during one cycle of opening and closing. They rely on spring force from the additional spring for the completion of the remaining cycles. On the other hand, Globe control valve diaphragm operated that are double acting use pressure from the compressed air for the cycles. They do not rely on the spring force.

Globe valves for flow control are available in many end connections such as buttweld or socket weld, flanged or threaded

Where do we use the Globe control valve diaphragm operated?

They are used in plant piping in the oil and gas industry and are suitable for both manuals as well as automatic operations. They are also used in process industries and control applications.

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How does Diaphragm operated process control valve Work?

These control valves are either direct acting or reverse acting. In direct acting valves, the air enters the reservoir from the top. This pushes the diaphragm downward thus closing the valve. On the contrary, in a reverse acting Pneumatic globe control valve, the air enters the reservoir from the bottom of the diaphragm. This pushes the diaphragm upward closing the valve. The use of a direct or reverse acting valve depends upon the application that it is being used.

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What are the advantages of Diaphragm operated globe control valve?

The design is completely closed thus it prevents damage due to the ingress of dirt and dust. It has a positive and robust system that has been simplified.

However, Globe valves for flow control may also have certain disadvantages such as a large portion of the thrust available being used to overcome the spring force. The diaphragm can deteriorate due to fatigue. The air can escape through the diaphragm in the Diaphragm operated globe control valve. These valves do not have a linear characteristic and may be prone to hysteresis due to diaphragm stiffness.

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How do you test a Pneumatic globe control valve?

Normally testing includes simulating operating conditions in a controlled environment. However, regular tests after installation can also be conducted. These tests include

  • Pressuring test
  • Hydrostatic pressuring test
  • Pneumatic pressuring test
  • Shell test
  • Seating test
  • Fire test. To name a few

Cast iron diaphragm operated globe control valves have a simple structure and are easy to install and maintain. They are cost efficient and have a good flow regulation ability.

However, there may be a significant pressure drop in the fluid passing through the Cast iron diaphragm operated control valves. Also, it is difficult to close the valve in high pressure system. This is due to the fluid pressure affecting the disc in Diaphragm operated globe type control valve. These valves are also not suitable for granular and low viscosity fluid media.