Globe valves

Globe valves

What are globe valves?

Industrial pipelines come with different control measures and components. Each component acts in a specific way that can be used for various purposes. The valves are essential components in controlling the flow, the speed, and the quantity of liquid flowing through. The Globe valves are made with a plug instead of a valve inside the body. This plug goes and sits in the seating as the valve is closed. Once the plug touches the seating, the flow is completely closed. As the plug rises above the seating, the flow starts to resume.

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How does globe check valve control flow?

As valves function, they stress the system out. Each type of valve produces a different pressure drop. The Globe check valve closes or opens the entire flow by sitting in the seating or completely raising above the flow path. Since the disc of the concave plug is in the middle and the flow has to go around the entire plug even when it is open, the valve has a higher pressure drop than other types of valves. This makes the globe valves to be more complex than others. However, where systems don’t need to take pressure drops into account, the globe valves are a good solution. The maximum size for a globe valve is NPS12, however, there have been valves up to NPS48 at times.

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How do you test a lined globe valve?

The steam globe valve gets all the pressure applied to the stem while the flow is high. The valve, therefore, has to deal with the stress associated with the pressure. More often, the valves start leaking through the bonnet and the body where movable parts are fitted with gaskets, bolts, and nuts. The Lined globe valve has to be checked for any leakages through the bolts, nuts, and gaskets. A visual inspection as well as a hydrostatic inspection can reveal any leakages, corroded parts, or damages to the valve.

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Where is globe valve installed?

The globe valve is used in industrial applications such as oil and gas, and water lines. The Y-pattern globe valve is meant for upright installation. Although other configurations are possible, the vertical alignment gives the best performance. However, the Pneumatic globe valve is installed in other positions to make the operation easier. The upside-down installation is not recommended because of the possibility of dirt accumulation in the bonnet.

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How do you know if a globe valve is open or closed?

As globe valves have a stem connected to the plug directly, the stem has to be raised or lowered in order for the Manual globe valve to be raised and lowered. With this mechanism, when the valve is fully lowered or is in the closed configuration, the stem is not visible at all. To identify if a Forged globe valve is open, you can have a look at the stem position. If the stem is all the way outside the valve body, then the stem has raised the plug out of the way, and that means the valve is fully open.

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Can you flow backwards through a globe valve?

In fact, one of the benefits of using the Non return globe valve is to prevent backflow. Sometimes due to the pressure differences in a system, the flow might tend to return. The globe valves are designed in two halves where the fluid flows through the first half, and then through the valve opening around the plug, and then through the second half. This mechanism allows for the High pressure globe valve to stop back flow. If the system needs a backflow, then globe valves are not an option.

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