GOST 12820-80 flange

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Gost 12820-80 Flange

What is Gost 12820-80 Flange?

Gost 12820-80 can be described as a type of stainless steel material, which has specific properties according to the material present in it. The Gost 12820-80 Flanges can range between DIN 15 and DIN 1600. There are different types of flanges present as well of the grade. The GOST 12821-80 threaded flanges are used in a wide range of applications including in oil fields, natural gas production, offshore oil industries, and water systems. The GOST standard flanges is used in other industries as well like the electric power plant and shipbuilding industry. Different surface treatments can be applied on GOST 12821-80 carbon steel flanges like anti-rust oil or anti-rust paint to enhance its corrosion resistance properties.

Gost 12820 80 Flange dimensions, pressure rating, weight and specification

Gost 12820 80 Flange Specification

Gost 12820 80 Flange Dimensions

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What manufacturing processes are used for GOST blind flange?

The GOST blind flanges can be manufactured by heating a steel billet and then compressing it with powerful equipment like a press or a die. This procedure helps to give the flanges its desired shape. It is then machined and finished as required.

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How do you determine the ideal size and thickness of a gost flange?

The ideal size and thickness of a GOST flange can be determined by the following factors:

  • Inner diameter
  • Outer diameter
  • Pitch circle diameter
  • Number of bolt holes
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Where are GOST weld neck flange used?

The GOST weld neck flanges is used for various severe and critical applications. This would include service environments that have high pressure, wide fluctuations in temperature and pressure, volatile and hazardous fluids, etc.

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How is GOST12820-80 plate flange pressure rating calculated?

The pressure rating of the GOST 12820-80 plate flanges for class 300 and above is calculated by the given formula:

Pt = (C1S1/8750) Pr,
Where, C1= 10, if S1 is expressed in MPa units.
Pr= pressure rating class index
Pt= Rated working pressure
S1= Selected stress