Grade 4.6 bolt

Grade 4.6 Bolt

What is Grade 4.6 Bolt?

The 4.6 grade bolt is a fasteners that falls under low carbon or medium carbon steel specification. Grade 4.6 Bolt has a threaded shaft that aligns with matching threads. These bolts have superior strength and may require nuts to affix them in place. Similar to the bolt, the 4.6 Grade Threaded Rod has a long shaft that is threaded along its length. Both grades bolster good corrosion resistance properties and tolerances. A Threaded Bar Grade 4.6 can be availed in a range of sizes and shapes.

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Grade 4.6 Bolt Specifications

Grade 4.6 Bolt Properties

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What does 4.6 mean on a screw?

The 4.6 on the screw means that the screw belongs to the property class 4.6, having a yield stress of 240mpa. The 4 in the Class 4.6 Screw indicates 1/100 of its nominal tensile strength. The second number indicates 10 times lower proof stress and tensile strength ratio. In the 4.6 Grade Fasteners, the value infers 10 x 240/40 =6. The multiplication of both these numbers is 1/10 its yield stress which is 4 x 6 x 10 =240mpa.

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What is the torque spec for a 4.6 bolt?

The torque specifications for the 4.6 bolts are based on the bolt diameter, pitch sizes, and thread stress area. A Grade 4.6 U Bolt is designed in sizes of M5 X0.8, the tightening torque is 2.4Nm with a pre-load torque of 2.59kN. As the size increases, the torque requirements also increase.

Manufacturers of Grade 4.6 u bolt suitable for high stresses also check high tensile class 4.6 allen bolts and nut hs code and yield strength

Is Code 4.6 A grade bolt?

The code 4.6A grade bolt represents high tensile fasteners in the industry. This Class 4.6 Hex Bolt is very versatile and ranges in sizes from M5 to M36.

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Can you weld grade 4.6 bolts?

Generally, fasteners are not designed to be welded and allow for easy assembly and disassembly. Stud Bolts Grade 4.6 are not supplied as weldable items based on their product standards and should not be welded. A Class 4.6 Nut can be used to securely connect them to their desired applications. These nuts add superior clamping force and can be later dismantled for maintenance and repair. A Grade 4.6 Washer can also be used alongside the nut to facilitate better weight distribution.

Check tensile strength of high tensile 4.6 Grade round/ spring/ square washer and ht 4.6 socket head cap screw as per EN 14399-2/ EN 14399-10 specification

What is the minimum tensile strength for a Class 4.6 bolt?

The class 4.6 bolt is a high tensile strength grade. Class 4.6 Bolts from sizes M5 to M36mm has a minimum tensile strength of 400mpa.