Grade 4.8 bolt

Grade 4.8 Bolt

What is Grade 4.8 bolt?

The grade 4.8 bolt is a standard specification of low or medium carbon alloy grade. Grade 4.8 Bolts can be either fully or partially threaded. These bolts have an external male thread that has a matching female thread. The class 4.8 bolts can be easily assembled, making use of nuts or washers to securely affix the material efficiently. The Class 4.8 Nut And Bolt can be easily disassembled, allowing room for repair and maintenance in the system. This equipment has a threaded shaft and has good performance and tolerances. The 4.8 Head Bolt has excellent mechanical properties and has a core Rockwell hardness of B71-95 grade type. Similar to bolts, the 4.8 Steel Screws can be coated with different products. They can be custom designed to suit different project requirements.

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Grade 4.8 Bolt Specifications

Grade 4.8 Bolt Material Properties

What is Class 4.8 fasteners?

A class 4.8 fasteners is a device that mechanically joins and affixes two or more objects. The 4.8 Grade Threaded Rod rigidly connects the material and can be removed without damaging the joined materials. These fasteners are designed in an array of shapes and sizes. Steel Grade 4.8 Studs can be connected using a wrench or an Allen key.

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What does SC 4.8 mean on a bolt?

The Sc 4.8 cover bolts in the structural connection realm. The Hsfg 4.8 Grade Bolt number indicates various strength and performance metrics. The first number determines its tensile strength 400mpa. The second number represents its yield strength ratio of 0.8. The Hsfg Grade 4.8 Stud Bolt can be calculated by 400 x 0.8= 320mpa.

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How to calculate the tensile strength of an 4.8 Grade hex bolt?

The 4.8-grade hex bolt is specified by the numbers of the grade. The first digit on the 4.8 Hex Bolt determines its nominal tensile strength of 400mpa.

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What is Class 4.8 metric bolt size?

The class 4.8 metric bolts are designed in lengths between 12 to 1200mm. The Metric Class 4.8 Heavy Hex Bolt is available in standard diameters varying from M10 to M110.

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Are 4.8 bolt high tensile?

The 4.8 bolts are higher tensile strength carbon steel grade. The High Tensile 4.8 Anchor Bolt has exceptional strength and outstanding tolerances. The higher tensile strength in the robust High Tensile Grade 4.8 Socket Head Cap Screw sustains higher weight and impact resistance.