Grade 5.8 bolt

Grade 5.8 Bolt

What is Grade 5.8 Bolt?

The grade 5.8 bolt is a threaded fasteners that can easily connect two equipment efficiently. A Grade 5.8 fasteners has a chemical content of carbon, phosphorous, sulfur, and boron. These bolts can be easily fastened and later disassembled. The Class 5.8 Bolt is partially threaded along its end, which allows it to connect with nuts to securely affix them. The Grade 5.8 Nut ensures that they securely clamp the bolts and limit axial stress. These nuts may use adhesives to fixate them. Metric Class 5.8 Washers are also used alongside nuts to evenly distribute the load between the bolts and the other equipment. The Grade 5.8 Fasteners are reliable and are available in different sizes and specifications.

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Grade 5.8 Bolt Specifications

Grade 5.8 Bolt Properties

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What does 5.8 mean on a bolt?

The digits on the 5.8 bolt infer various characteristics of the bolt. The first digit in the 5.8 Steel Stud Bolt represents its ultimate tensile strength, while the second determines its ultimate yield stress. This means that the Steel Grade 5.8 Studs have 500N/mm2 as the ultimate yield strength, and the yield stress is 80% of it.

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What is the material for a Grade 5.8 hex bolt?

The grade 5.8 hex bolts can be produced in either medium or low carbon steel. A Hsfg Grade 5.8 Hex Head Bolt can also be alloyed with other materials based on the standard and other project needs. The versatile High Tensile 5.8 Socket Head Cap Screw can later be cold worked or cold hardened.

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What is the yield stress ratio of Class 5.8 screws?

The yield stress ratio of the class 5.8 screws is the 2nd digit of the material class. The Screw Class 5.8 has a minimum stress of 420mpa.

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How much do you torque a 5’8 bolt?

The torque requirement of the 5.8 bolt is based on its thread size, diameter, and other characteristics. High Tensile Grade 5.8 Heavy Hex Bolt can be torqued for 4.5Nm from the smallest to 987Nm for the higher bolt diameter.

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What is the Rockwell hardness of a High Tensile Grade 5.8 threaded rod?

A threaded rod of grade 5.8 is fully threaded across its length. This Grade 5.8 Threaded Rod has a core Rockwell hardness of B82-95.