Grade 8 bolts

Grade 8 Bolts

What is a Grade 8 fastener?

A grade 8 fastener is a device that is employed to connect different materials efficiently. The Grade 8 Fasteners belong to martensitic grade that covers carbon alloy in standard sizes of 1/4 to 4 inches. The versatile Sae Grade 8 Fastener can be connected by creating permanent and temporary sealing. These fasteners are designed in the form of bolts, studs, screws, washers, rivets, etc. The Grade 8 Lag Bolts have excellent mechanical properties and are available in varying sizes and shapes.

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Grade 8 Bolts Specifications

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What are Grade 8 bolts?

A grade 8 bolt is a common fastener type in the industry. Grade 8 Bolts are mechanical fasteners that can connect matching male threads with female threads. The Grade 8 Hex Bolts are a 6-sided specification designed with a hexagonal cross section. These bolts have a partial thread and can be dismantled without damaging the connected surface. Grade 8 Hex Head Bolts can be affixed using a nut to create a strong sealing. The nuts create a strong clamping force. The Grade 8 Heavy Hex Bolt has a higher thread size compared to regular hex bolts. These bolts may also use washers to evenly distribute the load in the system. Grade 8 Allen Head Bolts are designed in an array of sizes and can be customized as per requirements.

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Is a Grade 8 bolts and nuts stronger than stainless steel?

The grade 8 bolts and nuts are the strongest grade of fasteners. The Grade 8 Bolts And Nuts have enhanced strength when compared to stainless steel. These devices have better mechanical properties than standard stainless steel grades.

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What hardness is a Grade 8 metric bolts?

The grade 8 metric bolts are designed with a Brinell hardness between 126 to 300 max. Grade 8 Metric Bolts hardness help determine their inherent resistance to withstand friction by erosion, water, etc.

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What is the strength of Grade 8 carriage bolts?

The grade 8 carriage bolt covers the highest standard of SAE bolts making them have superior strength. Grade 8 Carriage Bolts have a minimum tensile strength of 150,000psi with a minimum yield strength of 130,00psi.

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What are Grade 8 flange bolts used for?

A grade flange bolt is characterized to work in different systems. Grade 8 Flange Bolts are used in the marine, military, off road vehicles, and aerospace industries. These bolts are common in mechanical applications load and stress pressure systems.