Grade 9.8 bolt

Grade 9.8 Bolt

What grade is a 9.8 bolt?

The 9.8 bolt is a shafted fastener that allows it to be easily connected to two or more equipments. A Grade 9.8 Bolt is designed with low or medium carbon steel grades. These bolts can be easily installed and later dismantled. Metric Bolt Grade 9.8 has superior strength and enhanced workability in the system. These bolts have a mechanical fastener that has a cylindrical body. The Class 9.8 Bolt are designed in a range of shapes and sizes that suit an array of environmental conditions. A Bolt Nut Grade 9.8 is employed to strongly affix the bolts efficiently. These nuts allow for better clamping force and reduce axial stress in the system. The 9.8 Steel Heavy Hex Nut has excellent performance and outstanding resistance to corrosive affluents in harsh media. Similar to this, the Hsfg Grade 9.8 Washer is a thin plate that evenly distributes the load in the fasteners. These washers can be availed in a range of thicknesses and sizes. The 9.8 Grade Hex Bolt can be heat treated and customized to meet project requirements.

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Grade 9.8 Bolt Specifications

Grade 9.8 Bolt Properties

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What is the tensile strength of a 9.8 flange bolt?

The tensile strength of the 9.8 flange bolt is based on the first digit in the fastener. A High Tensile 9.8 Hex Head Bolt has a nominal tensile strength of 900mpa.

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What is the torque on a Grade 9.8 bolt?

The torque on the 9.8 grade bolt is based on the size, diameter, and specifications of the grade. The High Tensile Grade 9.8 Threaded Rod has a tightening torque between 8.7Nm to 5345Nm.

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Applications & uses of high tensile class 9.8 Metric Bolt

A high tensile class 9.8 metric bolt is employed to connect and affix pieces of equipment efficiently. The Steel Grade 9.8 Socket Head Cap Screw is common in the industrial, wind tower, nuclear power, and automotive industry. To connect the bolts the Metric Class 9.8 Heavy Hex Nut is utilized. They are also used in the construction, electronic, and railway sectors.

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9.8 Hex Bolt vs hex screw

A 9.8 hex bolt and screw are both six-sided hexagonal grade fasteners that are used to assemble two pieces of equipment. The Class 9.8 Screw is used to directly connect with equipment using a screwdriver. A bolt also fastens equipment, but it requires a nut to hold them in place.

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High Tensile Grade 9.8 Stud Bolt shear strength vs tensile strength

Tensile and yield strength are standards that determine the breaking point of equipment. The Tensile strength of the Class 9.8 Stud Bolt is the resistance of the bolts under tension till they break. Shear strength is the yield or structural failure of the material under stress. The shear load of the 9.8 Galvanised Studs is the sliding failure of material along the plane.