Graphite Spiral Wound Gasket

graphite spiral wound gasket

A product that has a centering ring at its outers is graphite spiral wound gaskets It also has a material of soft filler, an inner ring being solid. These three are present, and based on any combinations, it is made. To ensure confidentiality, they are manufactured as per the materials standard ASME B16.20. This means that in scenarios where harsh and differing operation conditions are present, spiral graphite gasket is a perfect choice.

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Specification of Graphite spiral wound gasket

Graphite spiral wound gasket sizes Graphite filler spiral wound gasket thickness Spiral graphite gasket applications
  • 1/2 inch to 24 inch
  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 2mm
  • 6mm
  • 10mm
  • 5mm
  • 1mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 8mm
  • 12mm

Please contact below listed Graphite spiral wound gasket suppliers in UAE to know the availability of thickness and sizes

  • Oil & Gas companies
  • Dairy
  • Sanitary pipe lines
  • Beverage
  • Power generations
  • Food processing
  • Brewing
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Biotech
List of projects supplied by flexible graphite spiral wound metal gasket suppliers Manufacturing Standard Graphite filler spiral wound gasket face
  • Kochi LNG Terminal – India
  • Hazira LNG and Port – India
  • TEPCO Futtsu LNG terminal – Japan
  • Taichung LNG Terminal – Taiwan
  • BS10 (British/ Australian)
  • PN/DIN (European)
  • KS (Korean)
  • JIS (Japanese)
  • IBC
  • Full-Face
Pressure rating Working temperature Benifits
  • Class 150 to 2500 psi
  • 650 º F
  • Suitable with steam and natural gas
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Long storage life
  • Used to shut off high pressures
Service Types Density
  • Our manufacturers can arrange third paty inspection by SGS, IBR, Bureau veritas agencies in different countries such as India, Taiwan, etc
  • Custom size available in various countries such as India, Japan, Taiwan, etc
  • Graphite spiral wound gasket
  • Spiral Graphite Gasket
  • Graphite spiral wound gasket with inner ring
  • Graphite spiral wound gasket with outer ring
  • flexible graphite spiral wound metal gasket
  • Graphite spiral seal
  • 2.26 g/cm3

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Most project location demand for graphite filled spiral wound gasket because it resolves most of the problems. This is mainly because of their high reliability. Other than this below are the listed benefits:

  • Less force of clamping is needed. This means that less wear and tear is seen, during manufacturing and installation process.
  • Most importantly, use cases have revealed that graphite spiral wound metal gasket shows good properties, even in varying pressure and temperature conditions.
  • Another benefit of using comes from the cost effectiveness. This is because of their strong and durable nature.
  • Yes, it is known to work in high temperature and pressure conditions, where excellent resistance to corrosion is seen.

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For covering wider industrial applications, one can get graphite filler spiral wound gasket with the 3.2, 4.5 and 6.5 mm thickness. But many use cases might need custom or specific dimensions. Make sure that these dimensional aspects are in accordance with the ASME B16.20 and EN 1514-2. On the basis of these material standards, customers can then ask for price quotations from their suppliers.

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Before choosing spiral wound gasket, check out for the below mentioned installation process. Such information must be flexible to provide safer alternatives for customers.

  • To ensure non-degraded sealing performance, make sure that the surface is free from other impurities such as dirt or scratches.
  • Also, outer diameter of sealing surface of flange must be greater than the outer diameter of gaskets.
  • With that said, also check that the inner diameter of pipe must be slightly smaller than internal gasket diameter.
  • For shoulded flanges, make sure that the flange has a gasket placed and aligned at the center.
  • While choosing to install spiral wound graphite gasket, be sure that the bolts connected are assisted with symmetrical tightening. For also ensuring uniform stress distribution, it must be cycled at least twice or thrice.
  • After running of one cycle of valve piping system, one must recalculate the associated torques; for the bolts which are connected.
  • Do not use any liquid or any other lubricant, as it can affect the promised service life of spiral wound gasket graphite filler.
Refer to industrial uses of spiral wound gasket graphite filler, trustworthy importers of spiral wound gasket with graphite filler in UAE

Also, thoroughly check for the product’s genuineness, as per the defined material standards.

  • Do not opt only for the product genuineness as the major factor. Browse at initial state about your products.
  • Also, it is also important to make sure on ensuring that spiral wound gasket with graphite filler, masters the chosen working conditions or not.
  • Check out for other various aspects too, such as the involved pressure working conditions, flange type, and so on.
  • Also keep a check on the temperature and pressure conditions, for ensuring accurate sealing properties in the chosen medium.