Hastelloy B2 forged fittings

Hastelloy B2 forged fittings

What is hastelloy b2 forged fittings?

The Hastelloy b2 comprises metals like Nickel, Molybdenum, Iron, Chromium, Cobalt, Carbon, Manganese, Sulphuric, and traces of other chemical elements. The Hastelloy B2 Forged Fittings produces solution-strengthened fittings.

The exclusive property of Hastelloy b2 is that it is highly resistant to the reducing acid environment like Hydrochloric acid. It is due to the presence of Molybdenum. It can also withstand varied chemical processes when used in as-welded environments. The alloy-forged fittings also have high tensile strength and can be used for different applications.

The forged Hastelloy b2 fittings are widely used in many industries like Petroleum, Chemical, Gas, Metallurgy, Construction, etc.

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Hastelloy b2 forged fittings specification

Hastelloy b2 forged fittings material

Is DIN 2.4617 socket weld fittings pure sulfuric acid resistent?

Yes, hastelloy b2 is resistant to pure sulfuric acid. A significant amount of Molybdenum in DIN 2.4617 socket weld fittings composition makes it extremely resistant to non-oxidizing acid mediums like pure sulfuric acid.

The above property makes the alloy suitable to handle equipment in reducing chemical environments. It also has superior high-temperature strength in inert and vacuum atmospheres.

Due to its superior performance in reducing acids medium, it is widely used in the chemical process industry with sulphuric, phosphoric, hydrochloric, and acetic acids. The maximum temperature for the reducing acids medium is 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wide variety of sizes and types of B2 alloy threaded bushing are kept in stock by importers of DIN 2.4617 socket weld fittings in Dubai.

Is alloy B2 socket weld plug safe to use in reducing environments condition?

Yes, hastelloy b2 socket weld plugs are safe to use in reducing environmental conditions. Reducing environments usually comprise acids. The presence of Molybdenum in the Alloy B2 socket weld plug makes it efficient in acidic mediums.

The alloy is resistant to forming grain boundary carbide precipitates; hence it is widely used in chemical process industries. It is also extremely resistant to pitting and stress corrosion resistance.

The higher resistance to reducing environmental conditions makes it extremely useful to be used as a material in constructing gas scrubbers in flue-gas desulfurization units.

Do not accept orders for nickel b2 threaded fittings and alloy 2.4617 socket weld equal cross without MTC or ultrasonic test results.

What are the features of nickel alloy b2 threaded union?

The Hastelloy b2 threaded unions have three parts- a nut, a female, and a male end. The female end has threads on the inside, while the male end has threads on the outside. The male and the female ends of the nickel alloy b2 threaded union are secured tightly with nuts.

Some other features of alloy b2 threaded union are:

  • They are highly corrosion-resistant.
  • They have great tensile strength and yield strength.
  • They are widely used in reducing acid environments containing hydrochloric and sulfuric acid.
  • They are the most economical option in many industries.
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How to indetify and distinguish the nickel b2 threaded fittings?

To identify and distinguish hastelloy b2 threaded fittings, first, you need to make out the following in any nickel b2 threaded fittings,

Male and Female Threads of the Fitting.

  • The male end has threads on the outside.
  • The female end has threads on the inside.
  • You can determine the type of connection by identifying male and female threads.

Parallel and Tapered threaded fittings.

  • It can be identified by determining the diameter of your threaded fitting.
  • In a tapered fitting, the thread diameter thins out towards the end.
  • The thread diameter is uniform from top to bottom in a parallel fitting.
Precision extreme-pressure nickel alloy b2 threaded union are mostly used in the oil and gas and petroleum industry in the Middle East and Africa

Is ASME SB564 alloy b2 socket weld elbow is machinable and weldable?

Yes, the hastelloy b2 socket weld elbow is both machinable and weldable. The tool type used is carbide tools of C2 or C3 grade. The ASME SB564 alloy b2 socket weld elbow has machining operations, including roughing, finishing boring, milling, drilling, reaming, tapping, etc.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) can cut the alloy easily.

The hastelloy b2 socket weld elbow is relatable as it resists the grain-boundary carbide-precipitates formation in the weld heat-affected zone. It is due to lesser amounts of Chromium in the alloy.