Hastelloy C22 Fasteners

Hastelloy C22 Fasteners

What are hastelloy C22 fasteners?

These solid solution-strengthened fasteners are referred to as a super-alloy because they exhibit exceptional properties. The chemical composition of Hastelloy C22 Fasteners includes 56% nickel, 22% chromium, and 13% molybdenum. Chemically, this is one of the most superior fasteners made because it outperforms several stainless steel alloys.

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Hastelloy C22 Fasteners Specifications

Hastelloy C22 Fasteners Properties

Hastelloy C22 Fasteners Weight Chart

Alloy C22 hex bolts & ASTM B574 UNS N06022 studs suppliers in UAE

What are UNS N06022 studs?

Hastelloys are a group of high-performing nickel alloys that possess superior corrosion resistance properties.

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Is hastelloy C22 bolt and nut corrosion-resistant?

Yes, these fasteners are extremely resistant to corrosion, because of the high content of nickel present in their alloys.

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How do you measure alloy C22 fasteners?

Bolts and nuts are measured by their nominal diameter. A nut and bolt can be joined together if they have the same nominal diameter size.

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ASTM B574 UNS N06022 heavy hex bolt vs DIN 2.4602 hex nut

Compared to a DIN 2.4602 regular hex bolt, these bolts have higher tensile strength. Since ASTM B574 UNS N06022 heavy hex bolts have a thicker construction, they tend to be more durable. Often heavy hex bolts are used with a hex nut. Both the nut and bolt are threaded. Hence, they can be used as mating fasteners.

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What are hastelloy C22 stud bolts used for?

The alloy exhibits properties such as resistance to crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. It is also resistant to pitting. Sectors like chemical processing, textiles, pulp and paper, oil and natural gas, food processing etc. use Hastelloy C22 Fasteners in their equipment. Their high tensile strength ensures the equipment runs without a hitch.