Hastelloy c276 forged fittings

Hastelloy c276 forged fittings

What is hastelloy c276 forged fittings?

Hastelloy c276 is a superalloy with the composition of Nickel, Chromium, and Molybdenum and a stabilizer, Tungsten. The Hastelloy c276 forged fittings can be achieved by developing the superalloy at higher temperatures to improve its mechanical properties and obtain the desired shape.

It is available in sizes from ⅛ inches to 4 inches. It is available in all Pressure classes, 2000, 3000, 6000, 9000, etc. It is widely applicable in many industries like oil, gas, petroleum, chemical, etc. It is available in different forms like Union, Tee, Full Coupling, Half Coupling, 45-degree elbow, 90-degree elbow, Caps, etc.

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Hastelloy c276 forged fittings specification

Hastelloy c276 forged fittings material

What is connection method for C276 hastelloy BSP threaded cap?

BSP stands for British Standard Pipe. BSP threads can be differentiated into two types:

  • Parallel Threads
  • Tapered Threads

BSP parallel threads have both male and female threads aligned parallelly. BSP tapered threads have female thread parallel and male thread tapered.

The connection methods of the C276 hastelloy BSP threaded cap can be in both parallel and tapered forms.

The BSP c276 parallel threaded caps are used in a zone of pressure tightness achieved due to the compression of soft material between the male thread and a socket.

The BSP c276 tapered threaded caps are used in a zone of pressure tightness achieved due to the combination of male and female threads.

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How to choose the right DIN 2.4819 socket weld equal tee size in the oil and gas industry

The Hastelloy c276 Socket weld equal tee is used to connect pipes of varied dimensions, and they can change the direction of the fluid flow. The branch diameter of the DIN 2.4819 socket weld equal tee is similar, hence the equal tee.

The following things are essential before choosing the right size socket weld equal tee for the Oil and Gas Industry:

  • The branch diameter of the socket weld tee must be similar to the run pipe diameter.
  • The thickness around the socket bore must be less than the average value.
  • The size of the socket weld tee depends on the diameter of the pipes being joined together.

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In which temperature range we can use ASTM B564 UNS N10276 socket weld fittings?

Hastelloy c276 is a versatile superalloy that can be hot rolled, hot pressed, hot extruded, hot forged, and hot formed. However, ASTM B564 UNS N10276 socket weld fittings have a narrower thermal temperature range than other austenitic alloys.

The initial forging temperature of c276 socket weld fittings is 2250 degrees Fahrenheit, and the maximum forging temperature is 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.

The commonly used welding methods for c276 socket weld fittings are TIG, MIG, and Manual Arc.

Always ask for the mandatory NDT test results for C276 hastelloy BSP threaded cap, and find a genuine distributor of ASTM B564 UNS N10276 socket weld fittings in the GCC nations.

What to do if C276 nickel alloy threaded fittings is leaking?

If you face the issue of leakage of c276 threaded fittings, then you can follow the below steps to stop the leakage:

Plumber’s Tape.

  • Separate the two halves of the C276 nickel alloy threaded fittings.
  • Clean grit off male and female threads and dry them.
  • Use the Plumber’s Tape to wrap the male pipe clockwise.
  • Push the tape into threads and secure the tape.
  • Finally, screw the fittings tightly together.

Pipe Thread Compound.

  • After unscrewing and cleaning two halves of threaded fittings, apply Pipe Thread Compound on the male threads.
  • Screw the fittings together tightly. Wipe well around the fittings to remove excess compound.
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Is Ni C276 socket weld 45 degree elbow magnetic?

The c276 socket weld 45 degree elbow is non-magnetic. The superalloy has a superior composition of metals like Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Iron, Manganese, Silicon, Carbon, and Phosphorus. The Ni C276 socket weld 45 degree elbow has superior mechanical properties.

The c276 socket weld 45 degree elbow has excellent corrosion resistance in both oxidative and reductive environments. It has high strength and a higher melting point.

The superalloy also has a thermal coefficient of expansion and thermal conductivity. It can also be cold-formed using aggressive methods like deep drawing, punching, or press forming.