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hastelloy gasket

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Specification of Hastelloy gasket

Hastelloy gasket sizes Hastelloy flat gasket applications Hastelloy serrated gasket thickness
  • 1/2 inch to 24 inch
  • Dairy
  • Food processing
  • Brewing
  • Biotech
  • Sanitary pipe lines
  • Beverage
  • Oil & Gas companies
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Power generations
  • 1mm
  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 5mm
  • 10mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 2mm
  • 12mm

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Packing Maximum temperature Hastelloy RTJ gasket Mechanical properties
  • Plastic bag
  • Carton outside
  • Upto 2000ยบ F
  • Yield strength : 283 Mpa
  • Tensile strength : 690 Mpa
  • Hardness : 100 minimum
  • Density : 8.90gram/cm3
Manufacturing Standard Hastelloy Alloy Ring Gaskets face Pressure
  • BS10 (British/ Australian)
  • JIS (Japanese)
  • KS (Korean)
  • PN/DIN (European)
  • Full-Face
  • IBC
  • 5800 psi / 400 bar
Service Types Hastelloy curved gasket Equivalent material
  • Our manufacturers can arrange third paty inspection by SGS, IBR, Bureau veritas agencies in different countries such as India, Taiwan, etc
  • Custom size available in various countries such as India, Japan, Taiwan, etc
  • Hastelloy ring joint gaskets
  • UNS N06022 lap joint flange gasket
  • Hastelloy gasket Q-Line Gaskets
  • DIN 2.4819 tri clamp gaskets
  • Hastelloy spiral wound gasket
  • UNS N06022 RTJ Gasket
  • DIN 2.4819 Ring Gasket
  • Hastelloy alloy Oval Ring Joint Gasket
  • Hastelloy metal mesh gasket
  • Hastelloy UNS N06022 api ring joint gaskets
  • Hastelloy tanged graphite gasket
  • DIN 2.4602 CNAF Gaskets
  • Alloy C22 raised face flange Gasket
  • Hastelloy tongue and groove flange gasket
  • Hastelloy alloyType F Insulation Gasket
  • Hastelloy alloy Low Pressure gasket
  • DIN 2.4602 Cellulose Gasket
  • Hastelloy Bevel-Seat Gaskets
  • UNS N06022
  • DIN 2.4819

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