Hastelloy pipe fittings

Hastelloy pipe fittings

What are Hastelloy pipe fittings?

Hastelloy pipe fittings are a solid solution-strengthened, nickel-containing super-alloy grade with good fabrication properties.

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Hastelloy pipe fittings specification

Hastelloy pipe fittings material

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What are the characteristics of ASTM B366 UNS N06022 elbow?

They have excellent corrosion resistance properties compared to alloy grades C276 and 625. Their corrosion resistance behaviour can be observed even in the most reductive and oxidative environments. They outperform several alloys with their resistance to localized corrosion. Although they have good resistance to oxidation, using the Hastelloy C22 Pipe Fittings above 1250°F makes them brittle.

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What is alloy c22 reducer corrosion resistance in the as-welded condition

The best benefit of using Alloy C22 Reducers is that they perform well in chemical processing industries in an as-welded condition. The high content of nickel in the alloy hinders the formation of grain boundary precipitates in the welded area. Therefore, it reduces the chances of corrosion, if welding is carried out using proper methods.

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Fabrication of Hastelloy fittings

The higher content of nickel in the material is high, giving them high ductility. Often intermediate annealing is carried out due to the fittings being work-hardened. The fittings are forged between 1750° F – 2050° F, after which they undergo rapid cooling. Annealing the material at 2020° F – 2150° F followed by rapid quenching improves their mechanical properties. Since the rate of cooling is rapid, it discourages the formation of detrimental phases between 1400° F -1800° F.

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Is the nickel c22 buttweld end cap magnetic?

In an annealed condition, the Nickel C22 Buttweld End cap is non-magnetic.

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Reason to use alloy c22 fittings?

The fittings possess good mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance properties. Furthermore, they outperform many conventional alloys, especially when they are in an as welded condition. It also has a PREN value of 46.

How do Hastelloy c22 butt weld fittings and nickel compare?

Nickel is highly ductile, and magnetic and has good corrosion resistance properties. As Hastelloy C22 Butt weld Fittings contain a higher content of nickel in the alloy, they inherit many of nickel’s properties including their ductility and resistance to corrosion. Yet, the benefit of using this alloy is that it costs lower than commercially pure nickel, and they exhibit excellent resistance to localised corrosion (pitting) in the presence of chlorine ions.