Heavy duty tube clamp

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Heavy duty tube clamp

What are Heavy Duty Tube Clamps?

DIN 3015 type 2 clamps are capable of withstanding the shock and vibrations caused by hydraulic system. The heavy duty tube clamp is capable of operating in environments where the pressure goes up to 5000 PSI. The pressure capacity of the clamps can be increased by customizing it. They help to fasten small pipes and tubes to the surface of heavy duty applications. They can be made of different materials according to the requirements specified by the client.

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Features of heavy duty pipe clamps

The features of heavy duty pipe clamps are:

  • They are manufactured by following various international standards.
  • They are a cost-effective option.
  • They can be installed quite easily.
  • It comes with certified load bearing capacity.
  • The linings of the clamps are cushioned for noise and vibration reductions.
  • They can be used in various corrosive environments.

Heavy duty pipe clamps interchangeable with Parker, Swagelok, Stauff up to 6000 PSI (400 BAR)

What are heavy duty hydraulic hose clamps?

The heavy duty hydraulic hose clamps can be manufactured of different types of materials like different grades of stainless steel, galvanized iron, etc. The size of the clamps can be customized according to the application requirements.

Heavy duty pipe holders and heavy series hydraulic hose clamps as per DIN 3015, Part 2 for mining equipment

Applications and uses of heavy duty hydraulic pipe clamp

The heavy duty hydraulic pipe clamp are used for supporting tubes, pipes, and hoses. They are used in a wide range of industries like mobile hydraulic, offshore, shipbuilding, paper, metal processing, etc.

Heavy duty double bolt clamp and brackets for better grip up to 450 mm

What is 6000 PSI Tube Clamps?

The 6000 PSI tube clamps are used for high pressure applications like in hydraulics. Their maximum operating pressure can go up to 420 bar.