Hex head bolts

Hex head bolts

What are hex head bolts?

Hex bolts are a type of threaded bolt that get their name from their six-sided hexagonal head. Hex bolts can be used in a variety of applications, primarily in the construction and industrial industries. They can be fully threaded or partially threaded (having a transparent shank along part of the body).

As they come in a variety of types, sizes, materials, and finishes, you have the freedom and versatility to choose the bolt that is most suited for the task or application at hand. Due to their unusual head form, hex bolts are also occasionally referred to as hex head bolts or hexagon bolts.

Hex Head Bolt specifications and dimensions

Hex Head Bolt Specifications

Hex Head Bolt Dimensions

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What is the hexagon socket head bolt used for?

Hex head bolts are adaptable and versatile fasteners that can be used in a variety of settings and for a variety of purposes in a variety of fields and applications. Hex head screws for wood, metal and several other settings and circumstances are examples of how hex bolts are used.

They have high tensile characteristics and the majority of common varieties can be used in various places (dependent upon the material and finish). Hex bolts are a popular type of staple fastener as a result. Their main application is in heavily loaded fastening and fastening tasks. This might comprise:

  • The context of construction projects
  • During the construction, upkeep, and repair of structures, bridges, and transportation infrastructure
  • Equipment assemblies
  • Jobs involving woodworking, such as fastening frames
  • Technical applications
  • Automobiles and vehicles

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How is hexagon head bolt measured?

They are measured beginning at the crown and continuing down to the tip. The length of hex and hex washer head screws and bolts is measured from the bottom of the head, even though the heads are flat on both the top and the bottom.

When measuring hex bolt dimensions and sizes, there are a number of things to keep in mind in order to select the proper sized hex bolt for your work:

  • The bolt’s length is determined by measuring it from end to under the head.
  • Thread size: The thread’s diameter, commonly measured in ISO metric or M units.
  • Thread pitch is the measure of the number of threads per inch; the finer the bolt, the higher the thread pitch and vice versa.

Countersunk hex head bolt available in ISO 4014/ DIN 933/ ASME b18.2.1 standard

How does a hex head bolt work?

Depending on the application, hex bolts can be used in pre-tapped holes or with nuts. A variety of tools, such as a hex bolt wrench, socket sets, spanners, hex keys, and ratchet spanners, can then be used to tighten them.

Hex head bolts may be easily grasped from a variety of angles and with a variety of tools thanks to the hexagon-shaped head. This ensures that hex bolts may be easily loosened or tightened once they are in place and makes their installation and removal simple.

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Advantages of hex socket head bolt

Six stress-bearing sides are indicated by the hex socket on the screw. It seems to make sense that a fastener with a hexagonal shape would be simpler to manufacture. Because all you would require to utilize them is a socket wrench, using them should also be rather straightforward. When working on several projects, it would be good to be able to install them into a variety of different items without too much difficulty. When tried to compare to other screws of the same size, socket screws allow you to produce greater torque plus clamping force. As a result, you can install with lesser socket screws than you would if you were using other screws.

Metric hex head bolts in Extra Fine UNEF threads, check yield strength

What is yield strength of countersunk hex head bolt?

Most applications that call for an aesthetically appealing fastener with little load-bearing capacity employ socket countersunk head cap screws by ITA Fasteners. Because of this, kindly take note that all these screws aren’t meant to be utilized in high-tensile applications. Instead of using high-strength countersunk screws, these screws can be used in sockets whose wear resistance needs to be safeguarded over time. It is available in alloy, carbon, and stainless steel, which increases its corrosion resistance while allowing it to withstand additional wear and tear.