Hic Resistant steel plate

hic resistant steel plate

What is hic resistant steel plate ?

High resistant steel plate is carbon steel that is designed to deter the long-term effects of hydrogen cracking. A hic resistant steel plate has superior resistance to corrosion and cracking by hydrogen. These plates are tested to reduce the effects of hydrogen cracking and embrittlement. The hic plate is well suited in applications that are well suited for pressure vessel equipment. These plates work well in environments where wets h2s corrosion is a problem.

Nace & hic boiler plate is a well-suited and cost-effective solution in this harsh environment compared to standard stainless steel grades. The hic plate suppliers supply these plates in thicknesses between 6mm to 150mm. These plates have widths up to 2,500mm with lengths up to 12,000mm. Hic plate manufacturers subject these plates to ultrasonic testing, charpy impact test, and can be furnace normalized methods.

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Hic Resistant Steel Plate Specification

Hic Resistant Steel Plate Properties

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What are hic plate grades ?

The hic plate grades are gr 60, 65, and 70.


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How hydrogen induced cracking test test is done ?

The hydrogen induced cracking test is performed in accordance with nace tm0284. Hydrogen induced cracking test takes place by exposing unstressed test specimens to environments saturated with hydrogen sulfide gas. Here the gas is processed at 1 bar pressure for a duration of 96 hours for standard tests. For fitness purposes hic test procedure may also be performed utilizing reduced partial pressures for hydrogen sulfides for up to 30 days. Hydrogen induced cracking test procedure can also be checked based on their crack sensitivity, length, and thickness ratio.


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What are the standards of hic tested plate ?

The standard tested plates come under the astm/asme sa516. The hic tested plate is generally impact tested at -52 degrees c.


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How are various hic steels evaluated?

The hic steels are evaluated to eliminate hydrogen corrosion. This steel is subjected to non-destructive testing, ultrasonic test, phased array, full matrix capture, etc.


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What is the process making of hic resistant steel plate ?

The hic resistant steel plate is manufactured using an electrical arc furnace process. Here, they are desulphurized, dephosphorization, ladle refining, and vacuum degassing that provide ultra-clean homogenous steel. Hic test for plates is then performed to check their integrity.