High pressure ball valve

High pressure ball valve

What is a high-pressure ball valve?

Certain applications require a valve to control the flow of fluid in high and low flow. A high pressure ball valve is suitable for such applications as they control fluid in a fully open and closed position.

These valves offer an unrestricted flow of fluid and have a handle attached to them that can shut off the flow when required. High pressure stainless steel ball valves are widely used in systems that require a reliable source to shut off the power when required. Hence they are used in petrochemical industries, chemical industries and hydraulic systems.

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How much pressure can a high pressure stainless steel ball valve handle?

These valves are said to be durable and reliable and can handle a pressure of 700 bars. The pressure rating depends upon the valve size as the Dn10 high pressure ball valve size increases the pressure rating decreases and as the size decreases the pressure handling capacity increases.

High pressure stainless steel ball valve is used in extreme pressure systems to control fluid flow dynamics

How long will a high pressure water ball valve last?

These valves have a life span of 10 years approximately. However, this can be increased by proper maintenance and cleaning. High pressure water ball valves have a negative impact on the working when they fail and are hence replaced quickly.

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Does a high pressure brass ball valve need to be fully open?

These valves are mostly used in applications that require a tight seal. However, it is not necessary that these valves need to be fully opened or closed. High pressure brass ball valves can also be partially opened or closed.

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Can you leave a high pressure trunnion ball valve partially open?

These valves are designed to test connection ports and are usually used in a fully open or fully closed position. It is not recommended to test a port to keep these valves partially open. High pressure trunnion ball valves are designed with the intention to block or allow the flow of fluid through the system for testing purposes. Keeping them partially open may diminish their ability to provide accurate results.

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What is the most common application for a high pressure electric ball valve?

These valves are popular in piping systems for drinking water and gas applications. They are also used in the mining industry, hydraulics systems, and agricultural machinery. High pressure motorized ball valve can be installed in the piping system after depressurizing the system.

High pressure electric actuated ball valve is activated by an electric control system that is used to open or close the valve. 2 inch high pressure ball valve are usually used to set pressure in the part of the circuit that is usually used to counter balance the weight. High pressure electric ball valve is available in the size range of ⅛ inches to 4 inches and have a temperature range of -30 degrees to 100 degrees if made up of stainless steel.

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