High strength steel plate

high strength steel plate

What is high strength steel plate ?

High strength plate is a higher strength low alloy steel grade. A high strength steel plate supplier ensures that these plates have superior mechanical properties and greater corrosion resistance than ordinary carbon steel. it is not designed with specific chemical composition but rather has outstanding mechanical properties. its density starts at 7.85 g/cm3 and has a carbon content between 0.05 to 0.25%.

This content allows the high tensile plate to retain its formability and weldability. The plates can be hot or cold rolled to give their desired properties and tolerances. its have excellent mechanical properties and can be availed in different sizes as per requirements.

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High Strength Steel Plate Specification

High Strength Steel Plate Properties

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Why premature failure is happen with high tensile steel plates?

Premature failure in high tensile plate is due to incorrect material selection, processing, manufacturing process, or inaccurate design or use. The most common high tensile plate failure seen in the industry is fatigue damage.


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What is high yield steel plate price difference between australia and malaysia

The price of the high yield steel plates starts at $4.24 per kg in australia. This plate price in malaysia starts at $3.23 per kg.


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What are high tensile steel plate grades ?

The high tensile steel plates are available in grades 300m, 4140, 4145h, 4340, en25, and en26. The this plates are also available in a572 gr 50, 65 specifications.


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Why high tensile steel sheets suitable for automobiles ?

High tensile sheets are very strong and have superior hardness. A high tensile steel sheet has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and good tolerances. The sheets have good durability and are easy to form and fabricate, making them very reliable.


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Can you bend high strength stainless steel plate ?

The high strength stainless steel plate has good ductility, elasticity, and hardness. This makes the high tensile plate slightly difficult to bend.