High voltage cable lugs

High voltage cable lugs

What is high voltage cable lugs?

Cable lugs manufactured using high purity copper tubes in annealed condition and available in tin-plated design are known as High voltage cable lugs. They are suitable for HV applications going up to 33kV. They come with extended barrels which enhance the electrical and mechanical performances in different types of heavy duty applications. It does not come with an inspection hole and that can prevent moisture from entering into the crimped joint. It has an extended palm with two fixing holes at 44.5 mm centers. Clients can talk to the manufacturers directly for various other specifications. The annealing process helps to ensure that the High voltage compression lugs are ductile and that they give satisfactory performances even when they are subjected to vibration and deformation. The High voltage terminal lugs are electrically plated to withstand oxidation and they are compatible with different types of cable joints.

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What are various types of high voltage connectors?

Different types of HV lugs connectors are:

  • High Voltage Connectors with single pin
  • High Voltage Connectors with multiple pin
  • Quick clip or internal High Voltage Connector
  • High Voltage Cables
  • The custom modular High Voltage Connector

High voltage terminal lug and crimp terminals are manufactured from high purity copper

How to choose right high voltage cable terminals?

In order to choose the right High voltage terminal lug, various factors are needed to be considered. For example, it is crucial that these lugs meet certain safety requirements. Thus, it is important to know the relevant rules, regulations, and standards associated with High voltage crimp terminal lug. Proper tests should also be carried out before using the material. Apart from these, the durability of the material with which the High voltage lugs are made should also be considered. The connectors should be capable enough to prevent fires and electric shocks. Minimizing the risks of corona discharge and arcing should also be considered while choosing the right high voltage connector.

High voltage compression lugs and HV cable lugs are designed for high voltage applications, up to 33kv.

Features and applications of high voltage copper tube lug

The High voltage copper tube lugs are made from highly pure copper tubes. They are annealed and tin plated. They come with extended barrels which enhance both electrical and mechanical performances. They can be used for high voltage applications going up to 33 Kv.

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Should you solder high voltage lugs?

HV cable lugs can be soldered using specific techniques through the hole terminations. The solder should be a smooth ball and should not have sharp points as they can initiate corona discharge or arcing.

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Precautions for maintenance and use of high-voltage connectors

The High voltage crimp terminals should have safety certifications due to their safety risks such as electric shocks, fire, etc. The user should refer to the actual certification requirements for proper maintenance and usage of these connectors.