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What is hollow section?

HS are metal profiles having hollow cross sections on the inside. A Hollow section is very versatile and is usually produced in the cold rolling process. These sections have the ability to carry large loads and have excellent dimensional range. They are lighter in weight and have good tolerance to corrosive affluents. The aesthetically appealing grade has a visually pleasing finish.


Hollow Section


What are hollow sections used for?

HS are designed possessing a hollow cross sections and can carry large loads. A Steel box section has good tolerances and a diverse dimensional range. These sections are used in different structural and construction applications. They are also seen in vehicle trailers, fences, handrails, non-critical structures, etc.


Hollow section specification

Hollow section specification

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What is Rectangular Steel hollow section?

A Rectangular Steel hollow section is cold formed and welded either in hot or cold rolled specification. These HS are a viable choice in mechanical and structural applications. The flat structure of RHS Steel is economical due to its flat surface. This steel requires minimal edge preparation and can be cut in straight lengths.


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What is Square Steel Hollow Section?

A Square Steel Hollow Section is a middle ground between RHS and CHS steel. The SHS has a flat surface which is economical and can easily join or weld material. The SHS steel has excellent carrying characteristics and fits well in difficult spaces. The steel has an ideal balance between functionality and aesthetical appeal. The HSS square tube has standard sizes of 2mm to 30mm and has widths between 6 m to 12 m.


What is hot finished hollow section?

A Hollow structural section is a tubular product that is produced from steel coils. These HS are produced at extreme temperatures, allowing them to be precisely shaped. They have good quality and have a long service life.


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What is circular hollow section?

A Circular hollow section was initially the first form of a HS. These circular sections have a CHS and have superior strength. The CHS steel is certified for use in lower temperature strength and showcases good weldability.


What are Most Common Types of Hollow Sections?

Most Common Types of Hollow Section


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Are You looking for RHS/SHS/CHS Sizes?

SHS Weight (KG/Metre) Thickness (mm)
32 x 32 2.26 2.6
25 x 25 1.69 2.6
38 x 38 2.75 2.6
32 x 32 2.69 3.2
25 x 25 1.98 3.2
38 x 38 3.29 3.2
RHS Weight Thickness
50 x 25 3.24 3.2
60 x 40 4.12 2.9
50 x 25 3.88 4.0
60 x 40 4.98 3.6
50 x 25 2.71 2.6
60 x 40 3.73 2.6
CHS Weight Thickness
25 2.41 3.2
32 3.79 4.0
25 1.99 2.6
32 2.55 2.6
25 2.93 4.0
32 3.09 3.2


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