Hot Induction Bends

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Hot Induction Bends

What are hot induction bends and inspection guides?

This is an automated process where pipes are passed through an induction bending system, that uses an induction coil (heating) that heats the slim circumference band of the pipe cloth. The tube will bend into the desired radius of curvature as it is being driven from the induction system.
Inspection guidelines are pointers followed by the induction machine to yield the required bend.

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Hot bend pipeline induction bending process according to iso 15590-1, PFI ES 24, & ASME B 31.1/ 31.3/ 31.4, API 5L induction bend available in 3D/ 5D/ 7D/ 7.5D redii

What is the hot induction bending process?

The process starts with pre-inspecting a pipe that must be bent. After it is inspected, the pipe is hydraulically clamped to a machine bed. The tube to be processed is surrounded by heating and cooling coils. Uniformity in the heating process is achieved by adjusting the coil into a 3-plane movement. The bent radius is fixed by making adjustments in the radius arm and the front clamp. The system includes a pointer which displays the appropriate degree of turning. Another pre-requisite to the process is arc length markings on the pipe. The force required for bending is applied with the help of a fixed radius arm, as the tube moves slowly. The process begins once everything is set including the water level, hydraulic pressure and switch inspection. When the coils reach a specific temperature range, the pipe is forced forward at a pace between 10 to 40 mm/min. Once the desired outcome is achieved, i.e. the marked arc length is complete, the process is stopped. Since the coil heats the pipe, it needs to be quenched. Quenching takes place with the help of a water spray on the surface of the tube. The spray is located just beyond the induction coil.

EIL approved large diameter pipe bending for pipeline transportation systems, carbon steel hot induction bend without pipe warping and wrinkling, check tight/ long radii bends price list in Dubai

Difference between hot induction and cold induction bend?

Cold induction is a process that does not involve heating pipes and is used to make simple machines. In fact, it is limited to smaller tubes. And though it is not a very expensive process, the physical force required to bend a pipe is higher than hot induction. There are several benefits to hot induction. Firstly, it uses heat and so, it forms complex equipment in an efficient manner. The force required is relatively low. One has a higher control over this process, which usually means there is no wrinkling on the surface of the pipe.

ASTM A234 grade wpb hotbend and MSS SP-75 WHPY heat induction bending are available in long/ short radius 45°/ 90°/ 180° angles as per ASME B16.49

What is the fabrication of stainless steel cold induction bend from LSAW large diameter pipes?

A strip of metal is passed through a set of rollers that are arranged in a successive manner. It is a continuous process where the rollers bend the metal strip in small increments such that they achieve the desired bend cross-sectionally. Ideally, this process is suited to metals that do not contain significant content of ferrous. If a pipe is to have a larger radius bend, a cold rolled material is preferred.

Large diameter pipe bending with tangent ends available in API 5L gr X42/ X52/ X60/ X65/ X70, check pipeline bend radius, specification and hot bending process

What is an induction bending machine?

An induction machine consists of a steel profile to be fixed at its ends. A good bending radius is set on one end of the machine, whereas the other end moves at a constant, slow pace. To heat the steel profile, the machine accommodates an electromagnetic induction coil. The pipe is bent with the help of a precision screw, and the cooling medium is shaped at the desired bent angle. The medium is kept cool continuously to get achieve the desired shape.

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