Hydraulic plug

Hydraulic plug

What is hydraulic plug?

In order to seal and protect the ends of a hydraulic hose fitting from getting damaged while they are stored or transported, the hydraulic plugs are used. These accessories basically come with a male flare plug which can easily connect to a female threaded end to form a compatible hydraulic component. The JIC hydraulic flare plug can help to keep away dirt, moisture, and other such contaminants which might interfere with the integrity of the system. The male and the female flare plug is a precautionary tool that ensures that no contaminants get to the hydraulic oil and reduce its efficiency. The brass Male Pipe Plug Square Head is made with different materials and they also come in various dimensions.

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What is orfs plug?

O-Ring Face Seal or orfs plug consists of an o-ring at the fitting’s face. The seal is basically created when the O-Ring gets compressed between the O-Ring fitting face and the mating ORFS female fitting’s flat face or the formed tube. As the connection gets tightened, the O-Ring gets compressed against the flat face of the mating fitting or tube that forms a seal. They come with zero clearance and resistance to over torque. It also shows good resistance to vibration, which makes it an ideal hydraulic fitting solution.

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What is SAE flare plug?

The SAE 45 Flare Plug can be described as a type of compression fitting that can be used with a metal tubing. They are very dependable and economic fitting options that can be used in heating and air conditioner, refrigeration, and various other industrial markets. The SAE flare plugs are easy to install, hence they are used in difficult to install refrigeration lines.

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What is Brass inverted flare plug?

The brass inverted flare plug is a type of compression fitting that can be used with metal tubing. They are reusable and affordable, and they also offer good resistance to vibration. The seats and threads of the Inverted flare plug are present internally and they stay protected. These plugs are widely used in hydraulic brakes, fuel lines, power steering, etc.

Threaded brass flare plug for liquid-proof seals in Male/ female end

Applications of hydraulic hose plug

The hydraulic hose plugs can be used in a wide range of applications. They help to connect hose to components like hydraulic pipes, cylinders, tubes, or different types of hose in the hydraulic system. They help to allow flow, divert, mix, or change the direction of the fluid. These plugs are present in heavy equipment, plumbing, assembly lines, etc.

37 degree brass flare plug and orfs plug as per ASTM, SAE, ANSI, ASME standards

Advantages of Brass flare plug

The Brass flare plug are strong and durable. They also show good resistance to corrosion and ductility, especially at ambient and high temperatures.

Is JIS the same as BSP?

The JIS tapered threads are similar to that of BSPT threads.