Hydraulic swivel fittings

Hydraulic swivel fittings

What are hydraulic swivel fittings?

Hydraulic applications need systems to keep the hose from getting twisted or tangled. Hydraulic swivel fittings permit the hose connection to rotate up to 360 degrees and minimize the torque created by moving equipment. It lowers the risk of damage to the installation by reducing excessive bending.

Using hydraulic swivel elbow fittings can prolong the service life of the hose and lower maintenance requirements. Also, it makes the system more efficient. Not employing these fittings may induce premature failure. You can find them in diverse sectors, like material handling, automotive processes, energy, and power generation.

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What is the function of a swivel elbow?

In hydraulic applications, you require fittings to transport substances like liquids, gases, and semi-solid imports such as oil. A swivel elbow connects stationary pipes and rotating components of machines. It gets installed between two lengths of tubing to facilitate a change of direction. Typically, the angle is 90 degrees or 45 degrees. You will have connections of the same size on both ends.

Swivel elbow joints and other Stainless Steel Swivel Fittings get employed for heavy industrial work. Generally, they have ball bearings to hold axial loads. The standard material for production is stainless steel, although you can find a brass swivel elbow.

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Difference between NPT, BSP and BSPP swivel fittings

You can see swivel fittings in different thread types. It depends on the industrial application, the geographical region, or the specific configuration needs. An NPT swivel elbow or National Pipe Taper utilizes a tapered thread. It means the bolt is smaller at the tip compared to the base. The male and female threads join together at 60 degrees.

Contrastingly: BSP swivel fittings or British Standard Pipe are available in two types: parallel and tapered. A BSPP, or the former, uses a wide diameter at the shoulder, which narrows as you move to the tip. The threads spread at 55 degrees. BSPT connections don’t need tapering at both ends.

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Difference between male and female swivel elbow

The gender on fittings generally refers to threading. A BSP female swivel fitting has threads on the inside. In contrast, a male swivel elbow has threads on the outside so it can compress into a female one. Both a male and a BSP female swivel can tilt at angles (like 90°) to create the required bends in the hydraulic applications.

These connections get widely used in many industries, particularly hydraulic and pneumatic installations. A swivel 90 degree often has a compression grip at the rear to lower damage caused by vibration. Pulse is natural in hydraulic systems but can affect the service life of elbow joints.

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What are high pressure hydraulic swivel fittings?

High pressure and temperature conditions require special fittings to minimize undue stress and twisting to the hose connection. High pressure hydraulic swivel fittings permit the hose connection to rotate, thereby preventing kinking and bending. They are generally rated to work at pressures of 420 bar or above. Some products work with 500 bar, 800 bar, or more.

These fittings usually withstand conditions of high temperature and corrosion. Working amid high pressure mandates durability and a reliable seal. You can find a high pressure swivel elbow in log loaders, robots, car washes, and mining equipment.

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Advantages of Swivel nut elbow

Fluid-based applications in tight spaces demand special fittings. A swivel nut elbow can connect different tubes or hoses in hydraulic gas and fluid handling connections. They generally get built with stainless steel to enhance corrosion resistance. Besides hydraulic applications, you can also find them in automotive processes and machine tools.

These connections create a visible heavy bite, thus eliminating the need for an inspecting gauge. The resistance to different temperatures is also a considerable advantage. For example, a hydraulic swivel elbow can work perfectly for cold and hot water distribution. These fittings operate in low-pressure conditions also.

Can a hydraulic swivel elbow be used for water?

Transporting water requires some specific requirements for the fittings and connections. You can use a stainless steel swivel elbow if it gets approved by WRAS or the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. Drinking water applications must meet hygiene requirements and be contamination-free.

Hydraulic systems carrying water get used in many areas, such as dental clinics, aviation, etc. The carbon steel swivel elbow should also be flexible and resist abrasion and corrosion. The restrictions are less severe for non-potable water.

Another consideration while choosing a 90 degree swivel elbow for water is that it must resist vibration created by pumping pressure.