I Line Sanitary Fittings

I Line Sanitary Fittings

What Is I Line Sanitary Fittings?

In line processing units, it is critical to have a flow that is free from leaks. To ensure this, interlocking male & female ferrules, gaskets and clamps are used to join separate runs of tubing. The preference for i-line sanitary fittings is because they withstand greater pressure, higher temperatures and even vibrations.

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Advantages & Applications of I-line Fittings

They offer a certain immunity in operations where the occurrence of high vibrations is a very likely scenario. In such applications, high strength is necessary. A combination of both these properties makes i-line fittings useful in industries like food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. Another benefit of using this fitting is that they can be easily installed and dismantled, offering the user a quick fix for cleaning, maintenance or pipe repairs. The materials used to produce them are two very versatile grades i.e. alloy 304 and 316. For marine engineering or applications that need good corrosion resistance properties, the stainless steel grade 316 i-line pipe fittings are apt. However, if the user is on the lookout for a more economical option with decent corrosion resistance properties, using stainless steel 304 is a safe bet.

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How Do You Measure The Length Of I-line Pipe Fittings?

It is easy to measure I-Line Clamp Fittings. Clamps are measured by their inner and outer diameter, along with their height and thickness. On the other hand, a ferrule has a smaller hub, whose dimensions can be measured wall to wall through the inner bore and the base portion of the hub, which is wider can be measured across its circumference.

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What Is The Maximum Temperature Of An I-Line Tube Fittings?

Grade 316 stainless steel I-Line Tri-Clover Sanitary Fittings can be used in continuous service up to 1700°F, while grade 304 can withstand a temperature of 1650 °F. Both stainless steel alloys can be used in cryogenic applications as well.

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Reason To Use I-Line Clamp Fittings?

The material used to make these fittings are dimensionally stable. They have good mechanical properties, tensile strength and good to moderate resistance to corrosion. Moreover, they offer a leak-proof connection and Stainless Steel Sanitary I-Line Fittings can resist vibrations. They have good resistance to abrasion, are hard and practically do not react to edible substances that are being processed.

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How To Prevent Corrosion On I-Line Tri-Clover Sanitary Fittings?

A reason grade 316 is chosen as I-Line Sanitary Fittings is because their chemical composition makes them amazing corrosion resistance properties in a wide media. However, it is possible to enhance this property by simply using coatings like zinc (galvanization or electroplating) or paint, phosphorus coating etc. For their longevity, it is necessary to clean them thoroughly with a safe cleansing agent.