IBR pipe

IBR Pipe

What are IBR pipe and their full form?

Pipes are pivotal parts of the increasing infrastructure facilities and industrial needs. Hence having high-quality IBR pipes has become the need of the hour. It is because of its high tensile strength, versatility, and availability in many sizes.The full form of IBR is the Indian Boiler Regulation, an independent body regulating boiler and pipe production. IBR tubes are of high standards and made from superior materials following the best practices.

IBR Pipe Specification, schedule chart, size, dimensions, and standards

IBR Pipe Specification

IBR Pipe Grades Size and Schedule Chart

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What are IBR pipe classes?

IBR sets many material classes apart from grades, dimensions, and pressures to make pipes. IBR seamless pipe made following these regulations has high standards to be in demand worldwide. IBR approved boiler tubes made from many steel sheets like carbon, manganese, molybdenum and chromium molybdenum have high material classes. IBR boiler tubes have the standard chemical composition of silicon, carbon, phosphorous, sulfur, and manganese. Its carbon content is less than 0.35% to has high versatility to be useful in diverse applications in several sectors.

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Why IBR requirements for piping?

The century-old Indian Boilers Act of 1923 was amended in 1950 and 2005. It specifies many requirements for making piping systems. A few of them include the following:

  • Pipe manufacturers must follow all the construction codes specified for the materials, designs, and fabrication methods.
  • Should undergo periodic inspection and testing for the Indian boiler regulation pipe to be of high quality
  • IBR stainless steel pipe and others not following the regulations and having any accidents must face legal actions

All the above IBR requirements and are to make the IBR pipeline have superior quality on par with international standards and to avoid accidents.

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What are IBR regulations for steam piping?

Any pipe that passes steam at pressure over 3.5kg/cm2 above atmospheric pressure and has an internal diameter of above 254mm are IBR steam pipe. There are many regulations for manufacturing them for safety. It includes using materials with IBR certification.The drawings for the steam piping lines and their isometrics must have the approval of the IBR authority before installing the system. All its design calculations must have approval. And the welders should have the IBR certification for making IBR feed pipes.

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What is the color code for the IBR pipe?

Color coding provides vital information about the hazards because of the pipe contents. International agencies like ANSI, ASME, IBR, and others have unique color codes to identify the pipes. It is also to identify them as many used for transporting dangerous gases and liquids from one place to another.The red color code denotes the pipe has fire-distinguishing liquids, and yellow is for flammable liquids and others. Pipe manufacturers should adhere to the IBR regulations for color codes or face legal action.

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What is IBR pipe grade?

Choosing the right pipe grade helps to manage its liquid flow even in underground constructions. Pipe grade is the incline or decline for setting the pipe. The IBR pipe grade depends on the steel used.

  • For stainless steel, the pipe grade is TP 304, 304H, 304Lm 310, 316m 317, 347, etc.
  • For carbon steel it is ASTM A53, A106, A, B, & C API 5L, X42, 52, X60, etc
  • For alloy steel, the grades are ASTM A335, P5, P9, P12, ASTM A213, , etc.

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