IFI 115 12 point flange screw

IFI 115 12 Point Flange Screw

What is IFI 115 12 point flange screw?

The IFI 115 12 point flange screw features a 12 point head with a flanged bearing surface. An IFI 115 12 Point Flange Screw is usually fully threaded that has a higher tightening torque. These screws are designed without edge rounding and cover under the ASME B18.2.1 specification. Twelve Point Flange Screws are used as a replacement for hex bolts. These screws can be fastened with hex or socket keys and wrenches. These IFI 115 Alloy Steel Flange 12-point Screws offer better durability and allow easy installation and disassembly. These screws can be reused and can be availed in variable sizes.

IFI 115 12 Point Flange Screw Specifications

IFI 115 Flange Screws Torque Chart

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Applications of IFI 115 flange 12 point screws

The 12-point screws are used as an alternative design to hex socket head cap screws. These IFI 115 Flange 12 Point Screws are used in bolting equipment, processing systems, piping equipment, flange devices, etc.

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What torque should I use for IFI 115 flange screws ?

Torque is the force required to twist a structure at stipulated tension. These IFI 115 Flange Screws of sizes 1/2 are 55 ft-lbs with 3 inches screws that have a torque requirement of 13600 ft-lbs.

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Benefits of 12 point flange screws

The 12-point flange screws allow for high tightening torque compared to socket head cap screws. This helps the 12 Point Flange Screws to have a tighter clamping force holding the end of the item in place. Further, the versatile grade of 12-point Flange Counterbore Screw can be used in tight spaces and gives excellent wrench flexibility.

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How much weight can a flange 12-point screws IFI 115 hold?

The weight holding capacity of flange 12-point screws is invariably based on the size of the grade. Flange 12-point Screws IFI 115 can hold anywhere between 100 to 500 lbs or more.

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How is 12-point flange head screws size measured?

A 12-point flange head screw is designed with a 12-point head bolt. The 12-point Flange Head Screws are measured from the underhead bearing surface across its extreme screw end.