Incoloy 800 Fasteners

Incoloy 800 Fasteners

What are Incoloy 800 fasteners?

These fasteners are an alloy of nickel, ferrous and chromium. It has high strength even at elevated temperatures. This is because it can maintain its austenitic structure, even after prolonged exposure to heat. Incoloy 800 Fasteners exhibit high resistance to reducing, oxidizing and aqueous environments.

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Incoloy 800 Fasteners Specifications

Incoloy 800 Fasteners Properties

Incoloy 800 Fasteners Weight Chart

Incoloy 800 Carriage Bolt Dimensions

Alloy 800 hex bolts suppliers in UAE

Check price difference between Alloy 800 hex bolts and heavy hex nut in India and China?

In China, the cost for heavy hex nuts is $0.70 – $12.00/ piece & FOB Price for hex bolts is $0.0002-0.005 / Piece.

In India, the cost for heavy hex nuts is $0.001-0.2 / Piece & for fasteners, the cost is FOB Price: $10-25 / Kilogram.

Buy directly from the manufacturer of Incoloy 800 bolts and hex nuts to save cost, check Nickel Alloy 800 rivets weight chart.

How much weight can an Incoloy 800 bolts hold?

The tensile strength of these fasteners is valued at 420 MPa (min). With the use of heat treatment, its load-bearing capacity can be increased.

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What is the main benefits of an Inconel 800 threaded rod?

An industry like oil and natural gas has one of the most corrosive environments. They would require a material like an alloy 800 to have systems that are sustainable for a longer duration. This alloy is resistant to heat and it is extremely durable. Fasteners have excellent corrosion resistance properties as well. Apart from the oil and gas industry, chemical processing, flue gas, and pharma sectors also benefit from using these fasteners in the long run.

Always check Incoloy 800 socket head cap screw size, applications, and weight before buying material, stockist of alloy 800 heavy hex bolts in Dubai

Applications of alloy 800 socket head cap screw

These screws are typically seen in assembly lines for industries like furniture manufacture, machine tooling applications, the auto sector, and steel fabrication. They are economical for two reasons – They have high tensile strength and the number of screws to keep the equipment running smoothly is lower than ordinary screws.

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Difference between Incoloy 800 flange bolts and CSK allen bolt

An Allen bolt is used where tamper-proof fastening is required. Allen bolts can be fastened or unfastened only by an Allen key. On the other hand, a flange bolt has a washer-like flange under its head. These fasteners eliminate the need for a washer, and they help in even load distribution in vibrating machines.