Incoloy 800H Fasteners

Incoloy 800H Fasteners

What are incoloy 800H fasteners?

These fasteners are dual-certified because they have the same composition with minor changes like that of alloy 800. Incoloy 800H Fasteners contain a higher content of carbon to improve their creep resistance properties.

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Incoloy 800H Fasteners Specifications

Incoloy 800H Fasteners Properties

Incoloy 800H U Bolt Dimensions

Alloy 800H hex bolts and nickel 800H nut suppliers in UAE

Why is incoloy 800H bolts and nut expensive?

The alloy contains a high amount of nickel in its chemical composition along with chromium. Both metals are premium priced when it comes to alloys, making 800H Fasteners more expensive compared to stainless steel alloys.

Incoloy 800H hex bolts and DIN 1.4958 studs available according to international standards and specifications, also check magnetic properties

Is incoloy 800H hex bolt magnetic?

Alloy 800H bolts are non-magnetic, although they contain high amounts of ferrous in their chemistry. This is because the alloy has higher nickel content, which results in austenite formation in their microstructure, leaving them non-magnetic.

All sizes available are alloy 800H screws, ASME SB166 UNS N08810 threaded rod with test certificates, check dimensions and corrosion resistance.

Is alloy 800H fasteners corrosion resistant?

Alloy 800H Fasteners have moderate to good corrosion resistance properties. When they are treated by annealing, they exhibit higher creep strength at elevated temperatures. The oxidation resistance property of the alloy is higher than conventional 304 ss. This aside, the corrosion resistance of the fasteners is almost similar to stainless steel 304 when exposed to nitric acid, sulfuric acid, any organic acids or even in corrosive aqueous mediums.

View chemical properties and applications of incoloy 800H stud bolt and heavy hex bolt

What is incoloy 800H threaded rod used for?

The threaded rod is used in applications where the environment has high-temperature settings. They have high tensile strength and high hardness. Industries like offshore and onshore oil and natural gas production typically use alloy 800 rods as a part of their work.

Buy directly from a manufacturer of NCF 800H washer and incoloy 800H socket head cap screw online and save cost, check alloy 800H fasteners characteristics

Characteristics of UNS N08810 hex nut

The tensile strength of the fasteners is approx 490 Mpa, it can be increased by heat treatment. Specifically, these are designed to perform well in high-temperature settings. They have resistance against carburization, and excellent resistance to oxidation & sulfidation as well.