Incoloy 800H round bar

Incoloy 800H Round Bar

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The material has also been used in power generation, superheater, and reheater tubing. Applications range from bellows and flare tips used in refineries to reformer tubing used in petrochemical processing. This premium grade is an Incoloy 800H Round Bar controlled composition derivative.

With controlled levels of carbon, aluminium, titanium, silicon, and manganese as well as controlled content of (Al Ti), Alloy 800H Round Bar is an austenitic alloy. Within the confines of alloy 800H, Incoloy Alloy 800H Round Bar has a restricted chemistry and necessitates a minimum heat treatment of 2100°F. Al Ti ranges from 0.85 to 1.20 percent (alloy 800H has Al Ti ranging from 0.30 to 1.20 percent). At the same time, carbon ranges from 0.06 to 0.10 percent.

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What is alloy 800H bar used for?

Because it resists oxidation and carburization even at high temperatures, Alloy 800H Bar is well-known for this property. This indicates that these bars are ideal for applications requiring high temperatures. The Incoloy 800H Hex Bar is well-liked in the petrochemical industry because of this characteristic. They are employed in a variety of processes that expose materials to harsh conditions and high temperatures, such as heat-treating machinery.

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Nickel, iron, and chromium are present in UNS N08810 Flat Bar, which belongs to the 800 series alloy family. The characteristics of the 800 alloys would be obtained, then. For instance, it is more resistant to corrosion when exposed to high temperatures. Additionally, they have excellent resistance to oxidation, carburization, and sulfidation, among other mechanical qualities.

The annealing process and the additional carbon also increase the creep rupture strength. Additionally, they have high machinability, making it possible to machine Incoloy N08810 Round Bar using conventional techniques. Additionally, it is simple to weld with materials in an environment with a high temperature. This material offers good resistance to aqueous corrosion at moderate temperatures.

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Is Incoloy 800H rod stainless steel?

The alloy Incoloy 800 is composed of nickel, iron, and chromium. These superalloys are renowned for their excellent resistance to oxidation and carburization when exposed to high temperatures and their high strength. The Incoloy 800 can be used to create two other alloys. The list of ingredients below contains information on the chemical makeup of Incoloy 800H Rod:

Element Content (%)

  • Iron, Fe (≥39.5)
  • Nickel, Ni (30-35)
  • Chromium, Cr (19-23)
  • Manganese, Mn (≤1.5)

The group of super austenitic stainless steels includes INCOLOY alloys.

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Is nickel alloy 800H square bar magnetic?

The material that is converted into 800 H grade is pure grade material. These circular bars are designed for temperature hoists in architectural applications. It offers all-around resistance to machinery used for chemical processing. Round bars have great formability and weldability on traditional machines at low machining costs.

The best alloy grade is typically used to create Nickel Alloy 800H Square Bars. Moving on to the most recent, we provide these round bars in exact measurements. The heat-treating process provides the bars’ structure at moderate temperatures. These cylindrical bars have both magnetic and non-magnetic properties. The metal finishing process gives the surface a polished appearance, and coatings stop oxidation in a reducing environment.

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Is DIN 1.4876 rod corrosion resistant?

Austenitic and heat-resistant, the material 1.4876 is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy. In oxidizing, reducing, and nitrogenous atmospheres, there is good resistance. Long-term use at high temperatures reveals metallurgical stability. The construction of furnaces, steam boilers, and other equipment, as well as the petroleum industry, are where the DIN 1.4876 Rod is most frequently used.

Corrosion resistance: There is resistance to intergranular corrosion as well as increased corrosion resistance compared to traditional chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel. Chromium and aluminium are added to improve the scale resistance. The tendency to embrittlement is 700°C lower and rises above 950°C compared to ferritic chrome steels.