Incoloy 800HT Fasteners

Incoloy 800HT Fasteners

What are incoloy 800HT fasteners?

UNS N08811 is chemically similar to grades UNS N08800 and UNS N08810, with the only difference being the addition of carbon and 1% of both aluminium and titanium. The heat treatment (annealing) given to Incoloy 800HT Fasteners is also at a high temperature.

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Incoloy 800HT Fasteners Specifications

Incoloy 800HT Fasteners Properties

Incoloy 800HT Fasteners Weight Chart

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Applications of alloy 800HT fasteners

As these fasteners can resist carburizing environments, they are used in piping systems for petroleum refining plants, thermal power plants and energy sectors.

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What are incoloy 800HT stud bolt, studs and hex bolts? Check size, price wise differences

incoloy 800HT Hex bolts are fasteners designed with a hexagonal head and a threaded shank, attached to its head. The size range for a hex bolt ranges from M3 TO M100 with their length rounding out to 1 meter. A incoloy 800HT Stud, also known as a stud bolt is an externally threaded fastener designed without a head. They are a common sight in flange connections. Usually customizable, a incoloy 800HT stud bolt is usually produced in a size ranging between M3 to M48 with a length ranging from 3 millimetres – 200 millimetres.

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How to calculate DIN 1.4959 hex nuts weight?

Hex nuts can be weighed by the following formula –
Weight = Volume x Density

Check DIN 1.4959 stud bolt and incoloy 800HT threaded rod specification, properties and equivalent chart online

What are the properties of incoloy 800HT threaded rod?

The alloy has excellent creep strength even at higher temperatures (700°C). The chemistry modification of this alloy ensures good performance of the fasteners even at elevated temperatures. They resist corrosion in cyclic oxidation temperatures of 1095°C. Although their corrosion resistance property is fairly good, they are used in high-temperature applications. Here, they are extremely resistant to both oxidation and carburization – reactions that occur at elevated temperatures.

Specific sizes and thicknesses are available in ASME SB408 UNS N08811 washer, NCF 800HT heavy hex bolt and socket head cap screw at dealer price in Dubai

How do you read ASME SB408 UNS N08811 washer sizes?

The size of a wash directly correlates to the diameter of a screw or a bolt. For instance, if the size of a bolt is ½”, the corresponding washer will have an inner diameter that measures ½”.