Incoloy 925 forged fittings

Incoloy 925 forged fittings

What is incoloy 925 forged fittings?

Alloy 925 is composed majorly of metals Iron, Nickel, and Chromium. It also has filler elements like Copper, Molybdenum, Titanium, and Molybdenum. Incoloy 925 forged Fittings are superior when compared to standard fittings.

Due to the heating of the alloy 925 while forging, the durability, strength, and corrosion resistance have increased by many folds.

Alloy 925 forged fittings can be molded into several types- 90 D Elbow, Hex nipple, Straight coupling, End plug, End cap, etc. The 925 forged fittings are widely used in multiple industries like oil and gas, marine, chemical, power, etc.

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Incoloy 925 forged fittings specification

Incoloy 925 forged fittings material

How to evaluate the alloy 925 couplings?

Incoloy 925 pipe couplings are short length pipes that have socket or female thread on one or both ends. Alloy 925 half coupling connects pipes of the same or different lengths and diameters.

Couplings can be of many types but stainless steel couplings are known to be the most effective ones in piping systems.

To evaluate a 925 coupling, you must check for its strength and integrity, as it can provide sturdy pipe fitting. It is also corrosion-resistant.

Couplings are available as removable and permanent types and can be of many sizes and shapes.

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Why choose incoloy 925 alloy threaded fittings?

Threaded fittings of 925 alloy are generally used for pipes with diameters less than NPS 2. They are one of the oldest methods to join pipes in a piping system. The following properties are the main reasons to choose NCF 925 threaded fittings,

  • Threaded fittings do not require specialized skills, as they can be easily installed at the site of the piping system
  • Threaded fittings can reduce fire hazards if installed at places with flammable gasses and liquids.
  • Threaded fittings provide a strong seal, especially at lower temperatures and pressure zones.

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Can we give heat treatment to UNS N09925 socket weld fittings?

Yes, heat treatment can be given to 925 socket weld fittings. There can be several reasons behind the heat treatment to ASTM B564 Incoloy 925 socket weld fittings; the major ones are:

  • Post heat treatment, the socket weld fittings can achieve superior dimensional stability.
  • Heat treatment can help the alloy tolerate machining operations or shake-down.
  • Heat treatment can help in developing specific metallurgical structures.
  • Heat treatment can also enhance the mechanical properties of the 925 socket weld fittings.
  • Heat Treatment can further improve the corrosion resistance and strength of the socket fittings.
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What are the characteristics of NCF 925 threaded hex plug?

Threaded hex plugs, also known as Hexagonal Plugs, are pipe fittings. The name of the plug comes due to the hexagonal shape of the plug from the top.

Some of the striking characteristics of ASME SB564 alloy 925 threaded inserts are:

  • Threaded Hex Plugs are mainly used to contain the flow of liquids by creating a good seal.
  • Threaded Hex Plugs can be installed and maintained very easily.
  • Threaded Hex Plugs are resistant to cracking.
  • The size of Threaded Hex Plugs ranges between ⅛ inches NB to 4 inches NB.
  • Threaded Hex Plugs are widely used in petrochemical, oil, gas, nuclear, etc., industries.
ASME SB564 alloy 925 threaded inserts are available in NPT, BSP, and BSPT threads. Check the sizes and dimensions of the nickel alloy 925 socket weld 45 degree elbow in Dubai.

What are advantages of Incoloy UNS N09925 socket weld elbow in petrochemical industry?

Socket Weld Elbows are manufactured using the process of Forging. It has one long radius and one short radius. Nickel alloy 925 socket weld 45 degree elbow is widely used in the pipelines of the petrochemical industry to change the direction of fluids.

  • It eliminates the requirement of temporary tack welding, usually done for alignment purposes.
  • The metals in the socket weld elbow cannot penetrate the pipe’s bore.
  • Socket Weld Elbow in the Petrochemical industry requires minimum construction costs.
  • The production of socket weld elbows does not require any special costly machines.
  • The production of socket weld elbow does not require exact measurements to fit in the pipes of the petrochemical industries.