Inconel 600 Fasteners

Inconel 600 Fasteners

What are Inconel 600 fasteners?

Inconel 600 fasteners is specifically used for applications involving extreme temperatures. As a nickel-chromium alloy, grade 600 Fasteners work well in elevated temperature settings up to 2000°F. They function well in cryogenic environments without losing their characteristics.

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Inconel 600 hex bolts and alloy 600 screws suppliers in UAE

What is the difference between Alloy 600 heavy hex bolts and Inconel 600 screws?

Screws have threaded shanks that are usually tapered. Bolts are non-tapered, and they are more expensive compared to screws. Bolts also use mating nuts while joining two objects together, whereas the threads of a screw will mate with the material it is being fastened to.

Always check Inconel 600 bolts & DIN 2.4816 threaded rod hardness before buying material in Middle East

What is the hardness of Inconel 600 bolts?

Fasteners produced from Inconel 600 have a hardness value that ranges between 65HRB to 84HRB.

Know more about UNS N06600 washers and Inconel 6600 screws dimensions, temperature rating, weight chart and price list in Dubai

What temperature can UNS N06600 hex bolts withstand?

These alloys work well in elevated temperatures. They are extensively used in environments where oxidation is more likely to occur. The fasteners function well up to a temperature of 1800°F while resisting scaling and oxidation.

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What is the melting point of the Inconel 600 threaded rod?

The melting point of Inconel 600 Fasteners ranges between 2470 – 2575°F

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How do you calculate alloy 600 fasteners torque?

Calculations of a fasteners torque are based on the following equation –
T = KFd
K is a constant dependent on the material and size of the bolt

D is the nominal diameter of a bolt in inches
F will be the axial force of a bolt in pounds