Inconel 601 Plate

inconel 601 plate

What is Inconel 601 plate ?

Inconel 601 is an alloy of nickel, chromium, and iron. The Inconel 601 Plate has good resistance against corrosive and oxidative reducers across different conditions. The plates have excellent mechanical strength and performance. ASTM B168 UNS N06601 Strip has a high degree of metallurgical stability and good creep rupture strength. These strips can be efficiently machined at variable speeds. The WERKSTOFF Nr 2.4851 Coil can be easily wound and joined using conventional welding procedures.

The coils can be later cut to different specifications. Inconel 601 Perforated Sheet is stamped and punched, creating different patterns that give it an aesthetical outlook. The Inconel 601 plate suppliers supply the sheets in thicknesses between 6mm to 100mm or more. The plates can be availed in a range of sizes as per project requirements.

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Inconel 601 Plate Specification

Inconel 601 Plate Properties

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Inconel 601 vs 625

Inconel 625 and nickel Alloy 601 specification are chromium and nickel alloys that can be differentiated based on key features. The Alloy 625 has stricter control of its chemical composition. This gives its superior tolerance to corrosive and oxidative media over the DIN 17750 Shim Sheet. The 625 grades have better mechanical behavior due to the presence of molybdenum. The versatile inconel 601 sheet price is cheaper as compared to the 625 grade. All these features allow the 625 sheets to be used in volatile conditions over the AMS 5870 Chequered Plate.


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What is temperature limits of inconel 601sheet ?

The Inconel 601 sheets work well in temperatures up to 1250 degrees C. The inconel 601 sheet have good resistance to high temperatures in different conditions. This is possible due to the versatile Alloy 601 Sheet having an adherent oxide layer that gives it resistance to spalling.


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What is melting point of Inconel 601 strip ?

The melting point of the Inconel 601 Alloy cold rolled plate is between 1360 to 1411 degrees C.


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Which welding is best for alloy 601 plate ?

The Inconel 601 plates can be efficiently welded following all conventional welding procedures. The ISO 6208 Hot Rolled Plate can be welded in correct place following shielded metal arc and gas tungsten arc welding procedures. The ASME SB168 EN10095 Clad Plate can also be welded using gas metal arc and submerged arc welding processes.


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Is UNS N06601 plate is magnetic ?

The Inconel 601 sheet is non-magnetic across all its conditions.