Inconel 625 forged fittings

Inconel 625 forged fittings

What are Inconel 625 forged fittings?

Inconel 625 can be described as a nickel-based superalloy that has high strength properties. The Inconel 625 forged fittings can resist elevated temperature conditions and thus, they can be used in relevant applications. The alloy 625 shows great resistance to corrosion and oxidation, especially in high temperature situations. The nickel 625 material has similar physical and fabrication characteristics like that of stainless steel 304 grade at room temperature. The UNS n06625 has high weldability. The DIN 2.4816 forged fittings are used in marine industries, submarines, aerospace, oil and gas, etc

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Inconel 625 forged fittings specification

Inconel 625 forged fittings material

Refer ASTM B564 UNS N06625 socket weld fittings dimensions and weight chart, Buy DIN 2.4816 forged union from suppliers listed below

What are types of NCF 625 socket weld fittings used in petrochemical industry?

Different types of NCF 625 socket weld fittings like elbow, cross, tees, etc., used in the petrochemical industry due to their high strength and less chances of leaking.

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What are the applications of alloy 625 threaded elbow?

The inconel alloy 625 threaded elbow is used in spray bars and combustion liners. They can also be found in special seawater and chemical plant hardware applications.

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Is ASTM B564 UNS N06625 forged fittings are corrosion resistence?

The ASME SB 564 Inconel 625 forged fittings are corrosion resistant and they can also resist aqueous corrosion.

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What temperature can DIN 2.4816 threaded tees can withstand?

The inconel 625 UNS n06625 threaded tees can withstand temperature ranging between cryogenic and 982 degrees C