Inconel 625 Plate

inconel 625 plate

What is Inconel 625 plate ?

The Nickel alloy 625 is a high nickel based grade. Inconel 625 plate is manufactured with a primary constituent of nickel, chromium, molybdenum and niobium. The rare combination gives the Inconel 625 Clad Plates good resistance to corrosion and superior strength.

These plates work in cryogenic temperatures as well as in temperatures up to 1800 degrees F. Inconel alloy 625 sheet is tolerant to pitting, crevice corrosion and is immune to intergranular attack.

They are also immune to chloride stress corrosion. The Inconel 625 sheet thickness range comes between 6mm up to 150mm or more. Nickel 625 plates are available in different sizes and shapes to suit all project requirements. Inconel 625 sheet AMS 5599 can also be availed with different surface finishes for aerospace sector.

The alloy 625 strips, plates and sheets have excellent physical and mechanical properties. These sheets have a width between 10 to 2500mm and are available in lengths up to 3 meters. But you can ask for cut to sized material from listed Inconel 625 plates suppliers to avoid the wastage.

The nickel alloy 625 plate stock has a density of 8.44 g/cm3 with a melting range between 1290 to 1350 degrees C. They also showcase good tensile and yield strengths. UAE imports most of the nickel 625 plates from Netherlands, Germany and United Kingdom and HS code is 75062000.

The Inconel alloy 625 sheets can also be customized as per the requirements. The Inconel 625 plate price starts at $38.99 per kg. The price depends on the size, thickness, and other material specifications of the grade. The Inconel 625 plate weight calculator can be used to efficiently calculate the weight of the material.

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Inconel 625 Plate Specification

Inconel 625 Plate Properties

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Inconel 625 vs 718 composition

The Inconel 718 is a nickel and cobalt based alloy. ASME SB443 VdTüV 499 Shim Sheet is a primary nickel based alloy grade. The content of nickel and cobalt gives the alloy 718 better hardness than AMS 5869 Foil. However, the Inconel 718 grade doesn’t have great corrosion resistance properties when compared to the Nickel Alloy 625 Coil. The forming and post-weld conditions of the 718 alloy gives better forming capabilities over the AMS 5599 Perforated Sheet.


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Where is inconel 625 sheet used for?

The Inconel 625 sheet is a feature in different industrial, commercial and domestic systems. These sheets are common in aerospace components like expansion joints, exhaust systems, turbine shroud rings, etc. The Inconel 625 Sheet Suppliers supply the sheet for use in air pollution control- dampers and flue gas desulfurization components. The ASTM B443 UNS N06625 Sheet is also seen in marine service for navy exhaust systems and auxiliary propulsion systems.

The robust Alloy 625 Strip is also a feature in the nuclear industry where reactor core and control rod components are designed. The versatile Inconel 625 Sheet Size is seen in offshore oil production, petroleum refining, and waste treatment. All this is possible due to the outstanding Inconel 625 Sheet Thickness Tolerance.


inconel 625 plate


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What is the surface finish of alloy 625 plate?

The alloy 625 plates can be treated in a different finish to enhance the surface quality. The WERKSTOFF Nr 2.4856 plates can be electroplated, galvanized, anodized, plasma sprayed, painted, or dipped among others.


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What are standards of alloy 625 sheet?

The Inconel 625 Plate ASTM standard is the ASTM B443 alloy grade. Other standards of the grade include the UNS N06625, JIS NCF 625, BS NA 21, and EN NiCr22M09Nb.


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At which temperature hot forming should be done on AMS 5599 sheet?

The Inconel 625 hot rolled plate is processed in a temperature range between 1650 to 2150 degrees F. Heavy working of the plate is done at temperatures close to 2150 degrees F. The BS 3072NA21 Cold Rolled Plate can be cold-formed via standard shop fabrication practices.