Inconel 718 Fasteners

Inconel 718 Fasteners

What are Inconel 718 fasteners?

These fasteners are an age-hardenable alloy containing higher amounts of both nickel and chromium
In their chemical composition. Inconel 718 Fasteners are preferred for their high mechanical properties.

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Inconel 718 Fasteners Specifications

Inconel 718 Fasteners Properties

Inconel 718 Fasteners Weight Chart

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What are Inconel 718 bolts used for?

The alloy has high tensile strength with good resistance to creep and resistance to corrosion. They are used to fasten together components for Jet engines, cryogenic tanks and Gas turbine operations.

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What is the yield strength of Inconel 718 Hex Nuts?

Inconel 718 has a yield strength of 725 MPa.

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How to calculate alloy 718 fasteners weight?

Calculate the weight of a fastener by multiplying its volume by the product of its density.

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Inconel 718 heavy hex bolt vs hex head bolts

A hex bolt is a threaded fastener with a hexagon-shaped head. Inconel 718 heavy hex bolt can be used to support larger structures as they are available in lengths above 12”. Bolts are used for smaller, yet demanding applications. Hex bolts are often used in with washes in equipment to reduce the impact of damage caused by vibrations.

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Application and advantages of UNS N07718 Washers

Some of the mechanical properties of Inconel 718 include – good tensile strength, high resistance to fatigue, high creep, and rupture strength. It retains its tensile properties in high temperatures and cryogenic conditions. The alloy also exhibits good resistance to oxidation. They also find use in different industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, aircraft, medical, food processing etc.