Inconel Gasket

inconel gasket

What Is Inconel Gasket?

Gaskets made for general purpose uses are usually made of stainless steel, soft iron and so on. However, there are specific applications where the temperature and pressure limits are extreme. It is in these cases that an Inconel gasket is used. These gaskets are essentially nickel, chromium and molybdenum alloys and are available in different grades. The product is highly stable to temperature range from cryogenic to 1000 degrees Celsius and can handle extreme pressure too. Because of the presence of alloys, Inconel is highly corrosion resistant. All of this, and more features makes gaskets made of Inconel an expensive, but excellent choice for extreme situations.

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Why Is Inconel Spiral Wound Gasket So Expensive?

Nickel, chromium and molybdenum are the three elements that create the Inconel alloy. And the higher concentration of nickel and chromium are what make this metal so expensive. Hence, any gasket such as the Inconel spiral wound gasket is so expensive. While it is indeed pricey that most metals like stainless steel, aluminum and copper, Inconel is no ordinary alloy. It proves to be of great value in extreme applications which demand top-notch robustness and corrosion resistance. Inconel is available in different grades, defined by the percentage of these materials. And therefore, the Inconel alloy spiral wound gasket prices can vary based on which grade you choose.

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Advantages Of Inconel Ring Gaskets

Inconel ring gaskets have various advantages over those made of other materials. While they may be expensive, these advantages are why they are preferred in certain cases. Take a look below to know more.

  • These gaskets are extremely resistant to high temperature. Hence, certain grades can function even at 1000 degrees Celsius without losing strength.
  • They have significantly lesser leak rate than a regular spiral wound gasket.
  • They can be used for extreme pressure as well as vacuum sealing applications.
  • The seating force needed for these gaskets is minimal.
  • The gaskets are highly resistant to corrosion (depends on the alloy).

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Applications & Uses of Inconel RTJ Gasket

With so many advantages, it is only natural that extreme applications would use an Inconel RTJ gasket. This kind of gasket can not just function in high temperature and pressure, but also cryogenic temperatures. The high alloy content makes the gasket durable in even the most aggressive mediums. Whereas, in mild environments like sea water, neutral salts, alkaline media, there is almost no effect on these.

Following are some of its applications:

  • Systems that involve high temperature and high pressure.
  • Systems deal with corrosive acids.
  • A nickel alloy Inconel ring type joint gasket can also be used to replace Kammprofile/spiral would gaskets.
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How To Install Gasket Inconel Double Jacket

A Gasket Inconel double jacket can be ordered in customized shapes and sizes, as the application demands. With Inconel as the metal jacket, it increases the functionality of the gasket manifold. Now, for successful installation of these gaskets, clean and damage-free flange faces are a must. Or else the seal may be affected. Using sealing compounds or grease is not recommended, and one must choose dry installation for the gasket. For tongue and groove flanges, the gasket’s face with turned edges must be at the inside of the groove.

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Difference Between Inconel O-ring and Seal Ring

While a O-ring and seal ring have the same purpose of sealing joints in a system, they are yet different. They might even be used interchangeably as they are much similar in function. An Inconel O-ring is a round, ring shaped object to be set in a groove for the seal to take place. The thickness of an O-ring can be customized based on the application. On the other hand, an Inconel seal ring can be in a different shape than round. An example would be a C – shaped ring.