Inconel threaded rod

Inconel Threaded Rod

What is an inconel threaded rod ?

Inconel threaded rod is characterized by a fully threaded body and affixed with nuts at both ends. The Inconel Threaded Rod is designed with a helical structure that covers linear and rotational movement to give it resistance to pressure. Inconel Hollow Threaded Rod is designed to withstand different pressure and tension. These rods have good resistance to corrosive affluents in harsh environments. Inconel Alloy ACME Threaded Rod has a high melting point and is very reliable. These rods have excellent tensile and yield strength. The Inconel Alloy Full Threaded Rod is available in different sizes to suit customer needs.

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What is an inconel allthread used for?

The Inconel Allthread fastener is employed to efficiently connect different equipment. Inconel Allthread is common in aerospace components, fuel nozzles, engine components, the nuclear industry, petrochemical systems, etc.

Check the material of Inconel stud bolts, threaded bar and double ended studs tensile & yield strength

Is inconel stud bolts high tensile?

An Inconel stud bolt is designed having superior tensile strength. The Inconel Stud Bolts have a tensile strength between 714 to 1103mpa.

Do not accept orders for inconel allthread and tap-end studding without ultrasonic test results

Is ultrasonic testing necessary for inconel stud?

Ultrasonic testing helps determine any flaws or defects in the material. The Inconel Stud ultrasonic test methods use sound waves to find any defects and measure the thickness of the fastener. Generally, Inconel Alloy Tap-end Studding is subject to ultrasonic testing, but it depends on the manufacturer’s needs.

Importers of inconel alloy ACME threaded rod stock a wide range of sizes and types of inconel hollow threaded rod

What size is the m10 inconel alloy threaded bar?

The Inconel threaded bar is designed with thread sizes from M3 to M20. The M10 Inconel Alloy Threaded Bar has a major diameter of 10 with a pitch thread of 1.5mm.

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How do you measure the diameter of an inconel alloy double ended studs?

The double end studs can’t be calculated by their overall length. Inconel Double Ended Studs diameter can be checked by measuring the diameter of the shank. You can use digital calipers to get accurate readings of the diameter.