Inconel X-750 Fasteners

Inconel X-750 Fasteners

What are inconel X-750 fasteners?

These precipitation-hardenable nickel-chromium fasteners offer many benefits and are known to be cost-effective. Inconel X-750 Fasteners play a vital role in the aerospace and power generation industries.

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Inconel X 750 Fasteners Specifications

Inconel X-750 Fasteners Properties

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Are inconel X-750 bolts suitable for seawater applications?

Yes, these bolts, when produced in a full age-hardened condition are suited to marine engineering applications. They can resist corrosion (stress-corrosion cracking) in the presence of chloride ions.

Suppliers of alloy X-750 fasteners, before buying check the difference between incoloy X-750 heavy hex nuts and threaded rod

What is the difference between incoloy X-750 heavy hex nuts and threaded rod?

incoloy X-750 Heavy hex nuts are generally thicker than most fasteners and are used for demanding applications. These may be used in combination with a threaded rod as a mating component. Both may be used in to join structural or non-structural objects together.

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What does alloy X-750 studs tensile strength mean?

The ultimate tensile strength of alloy x-750 studs is about 930 MPa. This means that the alloy has very high strength and can be used to carry out demanding tasks in elevated and cryogenic temperature environments.

View zinc plated vs galvanized plated incoloy X-750 socket head cap screw, find metric DIN 2.4669 screws/ hex nut/ stud bolt price, specification, chemical composition & equivalent grades

Zinc plated vs galvanized plated incoloy X-750 socket head cap screw

Zinc plating is done by electroplating and the coating on a fastener will be significantly thinner as compared to galvanizing. On the other hand, hot-dipped galvanization uses hot, molten zinc which is used to coat the fastener. In this process, the layer of zinc applied is thick, making it an effective finish in applications where corrosion resistance is needed.

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Top 10 benefits of alloy X-750 washers

  • Washers have high corrosion resistance properties even in reductive environments.
  • They can be used in extreme temperature environments (700°C to cryogenic temperatures) without losing their mechanical strength.
  • High creep strength even in elevated temperatures.
  • Ability to resist chlorine stress-related corrosion cracking.
  • They keep the integrity of the application by reducing the impact of high vibrations.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperatures.
  • They protect the surface of the object it is being fastened to from bolt marks.
  • They prevent the bolt assembly from becoming loose.
  • Grade x-750 fasteners have very high tensile strength.
  • Compared to other high nickel-containing alloys, alloy x-750 fasteners are cost-effective.