Inconel X-750 Plate

Inconel x-750 plate

What is Inconel x-750 plate ?

The Inconel X-750 is a precipitation-hardened alloy grade. Inconel X-750 Plate is a nickel and chromium grade that has additions of titanium, aluminum, copper, and other alloys. The Inconel x 750 plate has excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance properties. These plates have high strengths in temperatures up to 1500 degrees F and can be heat treated. The AMS 5598 Plate has outstanding creep rupture strength and excellent workability. These plates are resistant to chloride ion stress corrosion cracking in harsh environments.

The Nickel Alloy X-750 plate has a density of 0.300 lb/cubic inches. These plates can be welded following standard procedures and have enhanced machinability. A Din 2.4669 Cold Rolled Plate has an excellent surface finish and a melting point between 2540 to 2600 degrees F. They have an outstanding modulus of rigidity and elasticity. The ASTM B637 UNS N07750 Strip has good mechanical properties. They have a minimum tensile strength of 165ksi with a minimum yield strength of 105ksi. WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4669 Coil can be elongated by 20% in the system. The coils also have superb thermal properties and thermal expansion. The ASME SB637 X750 Shim Sheet can be subject to different heat treatment procedures to increase the hardness of the grade. The robust Inconel X 750® Foil is available in different sizes as per customer requirements.

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Inconel X-750 Plate Specification

Inconel X-750 Plate Properties

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What are inconel x-750 sheet astm and ams standards ?

The Inconel x-750 sheet standard is ASTM B 637 and AMS 5667-5671and 5747 standards.


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Inconel x 750 plate vs inconel 625

The Inconel 625 has primary alloys of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. The inconel x750 sheet stock is a nickel and chromium alloy. The Inconel 625 has better corrosion and oxidation resistance than the Inconel X-750 grade. The Inconel X-750 steel has better tensile and yield strength compared to the Inconel 625 specification. This is the major differences between the inconel x-750 vs 718 grades.


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Why inconel x 750 strip is suitable for aircraft structures?

The Inconel X-750 plate is a precipitation-hardened grade due to the additions of aluminum and titanium. The Nickel Alloy X-750 Hot Rolled Plate has good corrosion and oxidation resistance that allow them to work in harsh environments. These plates have excellent tensile and yield strength that allows them to work in aircraft systems.


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How to test alloy x750 sheet ?

The Alloy X750 sheet can be subjected to 100% radiography testing, bending testing, corrosion testing, and mill testing. Further, the AMS 5542 Perforated Sheet can be subjected to a compression test, tensile test, Hardness test, impact test, etc.


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Compare inconel x-750 plate price difference between india and china

The price of the Inconel Alloy X750 plate in India is $26.56 per kg. The price of Alloy X750 Clad Plate in China is $23.45 per kg. The quality of steel from China is low as they are dumping steel in the market due to overproduction.