Instrumentation ball valve

Instrumentation ball valve

What is an instrumentation ball valve?

Ball valves of different varieties and sizes made up of different materials are available in the market. The instrumentation ball valve is one of the several valves that are used in process measurement and control systems in different industries.

It has a ball shaped component that has a port at the centre that helps in actuating and stopping the flow of the fluid. The ball is aligned with both ends of the valve the flow occurs. Flow control ball valve is available in one piece design that allows a drop in fit. This enables easy replacement and cleaning of the valve.

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What is the working principle of a stainless steel float ball valve?

These valves work on a water level principle they work until the flow of water has reached the desired level. It floats on that level and ends the flow of water.

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What are the advantages of stainless steel mini ball valve?

These valves offer a plethora of advantages for instance they require low torque and offer a fluid tight seal. They are compact in design and do not require any lubrication. The design of the Stainless steel float ball valve is such that it offers a visual indication of flow and is cost efficient. They are easily available in different shapes, sizes, materials, and combinations.

These Stainless steel sanitary ball valves also offer some disadvantages such as poor throttling characteristics. Due to this, the seat of the valve is exposed to high velocity flow that can lead to a rapid erosion of the Flow regulator ball valve. The trapped particles in the seat lead to wear and tear that might lead to leakage of these Sanitary stainless steel ball valves. They are therefore not suitable for slurry applications.

Stainless steel float ball valves are widely used in process measurement and control systems in food & beverage, transportation, medical equipment, water treatment, chemical processing, and oil & gas industries

What causes an ss mini ball valve to leak?

Damage in the seal or valve can cause these valves to leak. If they are not cleaned properly the deposition of debris and dirt obstructs the proper close of these Stainless steel mini ball valves. This in turn obstructs the valve from closing properly causing it to leak.

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Can sanitary stainless steel ball valve control flow?

These valves contain a full bore design that allows the fluid to flow with minimal drop in the pressure. They can hence control the flow and are used in industries such as food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical. Stainless steel instrumentation ball valve is also said to minimize the restriction of the flow of fluid.

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Can stainless steel instrumentation ball valve control pressure?

They can be used in high pressure and thermal applications due to their ability to work under high pressure. However, under low pressure systems, they may not work efficiently hence Low pressure hydraulic ball valve is used in such systems.

The stainless mini ball valve is designed to be used in compact spaces and is small in size with a pressure rating of 1000 Psi. Ss mini ball valve is made up of 316 grade steel and offers female to female, male to male, and female to male connections.

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