Inverted bucket type steam trap

Inverted bucket type steam trap

What is an inverted bucket type steam trap?

Increased operational efficiency and robust design are something that you are looking for. An inverted Bucket Type Steam Trap is just the perfect option for you. This type of trap valve has an inverted bucket attached to it. This bucket is attached to a lever which opens and closes the trap when the condensate enters. It is used for secondary heating like coils, vessels, heat exchangers, and so on. Bucket type steam trap is optimally sized hence it removes the condensate completely. It enjoys a maintenance free long life. Steam trap bucket is useful for universal connectors. Its design eliminates internal damage that may be caused by the impingement of condensate.

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Inverted Bucket Type Steam Trap Material

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Why do bucket type steam traps have a small hole at the top of the bucket?

The small hole acts as a vent from where the bucket allows a small amount of air to be released. It then discharges downstream thus causing condensation to fill the bucket. Inverted bucket steam trap operation involves this condensate filled bucket sinking thus causing the lever to open the trap valve. This bucket trap has only 2 moving parts the valve lever assembly and the bucket. This eliminates the complicated linkage ar the fixed point linkage.

In bucket type steam trap, the bucket within the trap is attached to a lever that opens and closes the trap valve in response to the bucket’s motion.

Can a steam trap bucket be installed upside down?

These steam traps are available in 2 different types vertical and horizontal. In either case, they have to be installed upside down or sideways. You cannot install them straight. It will destroy the entire purpose and mechanism of the Inverted bucket steam trap. Also, as the bucket is installed upside down it is open from the bottom. This helps the trap resist the water hammer.

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What causes inverted bucket steam trap operation failure?

One of the major causes of the failure of these traps is dirt. It causes the trap to leak or be plugged in. The sudden opening of the steam valve, trap misapplication, or improper piping may lead to a sudden pressure rise in the Vertical inverted bucket steam trap. This results in the internal steam trap component being damaged. By performing regular insulation audits, or using an ultrasound detection system one can overcome these failures.

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How does an inverted bucket steam trap work?

The bucket rises when the steam flows into it and condensate forms outside. And since the bucket is inverted it causes the trap valve to close. The lever inside opens and closes the trap valve as and when the bucket moves.

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What happens if vertical inverted bucket steam trap pressure is too high?

An 80 psi differential pressure is what is required in general to open the valve. If the pressure is high the discharge will be continuous instead of intermittent.

A failed Bt 16 inverted bucket steam trap will have a negative impact on the entire system. It will waste energy, and adversely affect production. Moreover, 200 series inverted bucket steam traps if failed may lead to high maintenance costs, and lead to safety issues as well. These 400 series inverted bucket steam traps are used in heat exchangers, coils, and vessels. This is because these applications produce a large amount of heat. This large amount of heat can easily be handled by 800 813 series inverted bucket steam traps.