Inverted flare fitting

Inverted flare fitting

What is an inverted flare fitting?

Fittings that are engineered for resisting a mechanical pullout so that they can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly is known as inverted flare fittings. They generally have brass bodies with steel nuts, and can be used with flammable gas and liquids. The inverted flare elbow meets the requirements of SAE J512. It can be used within a wide range of temperature and pressure up to 2800 psi. The inverted flare branch tee can be used in applications like power steering, hydraulic brakes, refrigerant, air conditioning, marine, engine, etc. The inverted flare female branch tee offers metal-to-metal internal sealing for tight tube bends.

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How to measure inverted flare fittings?

In order to measure the inverted flare, a thread pitch gauge can be used. It will help to determine the number of threads present per inch or the distance between the thread in metric connections. Now the gauge should be placed on the thread until the fit snugs. The measure should then be matched to the chart. The thread diameter can be measured with the help of ID/OD calipers.

The female connections are measured by inserting the gauge to the connection and then placing it to the surface of sealing. In case the connection’s centerlines and gauge are parallel, then it means that the correct angle has been found out. The male flare type can be measured by placing the gauge to the sealing surface. If the connection’s centerlines and gauge are parallel, then it means that the correct angle has been found out.

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Is inverted the same as double flare?

The inverted flare adapter is not the same as that of double flare, even though they have similar appearances. The double flare is used for connecting pipes and tubes present in a hydraulic brake system. The inverted ones are used for connecting pipes in air conditioning or automotive applications. Both of them have a distinct profile and thus, they serve different purposes- they cannot be used interchangeably.

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What angle is an inverted flare?

The angle is 45 degree inverted flare elbow.

45 and 90 degree inverted flare elbow ensure leak-tight connections in hydraulic applications

How do I know if my thread is NPT or BSP?

To know if the thread is NPT or BSP, one should look at the flank angle. For NPT, it is 60 degrees, while for BSP, it is 55 degrees.

Inverted flare female branch tee and male run tee in ORFS, JIC, NPT, ORB, BSPP, and JIS threads for hydraulic systems

How does an inverted flare fitting work?

The brass inverted flare fittings do not require a flaring operation. During the nut tightening, a special wedge-like shaped sleeve press against the tube end for creating a flare. The fittings are mostly used with tubes that come with thin walls. They are mechanically strong and show good resistance to vibration and have good reusability.