IS 3601 pipe

IS 3601 Pipe

What is is 3601 pipe ?

IS 3601 is a standard specification for carbon steel which is affordable and durable. Another benefit of IS 3601 Pipe is that they are cost-effective too. The Carbon Steel IS 3601 WT 240 Round Pipe is known as high frequency induction steel. The IS 3601 Seamless Tube is used for various mechanical and general engineering purposes. The IS 3601 steel tubes come in various diameters which range between 6 mm to 150 mm nominal bore sizes. The IS 3601 yst 310 pipe material are available in different grades, with different min yield strengths.

The IS 3601 WT 310 Erw Pipes are used in applications that require precise measurements. The IS 3601 black erw pipe material can also be found in construction and various other structural applications. The pipes have phosphorus and sulfur in its chemical composition which gives the pipe its unique properties. They can be used for general and mechanical engineering purposes. Their service environment is mainly the ones having high temperature and pressure. They have min tensile strength of 450 MPa and min yield strength of 310 MPa. They come with various properties and are available in different welding configurations. They are often delivered with a zinc coating so as to protect the pipe against damage from oxidative and corrosive media.

IS 3601 Pipe chemical composition, and specification

IS 3601 Pipe Specification

IS 3601 Pipe Properties

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What are types of is 3601 gi pipe ?

The IS 3601 gi pipe is available in different types, WT210, 2400, and 310 types. They are all denoted by their min yield strength.

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Is 3601 wt 210 vs wt 240

The IS 3601 WT 210 Pipe comes with min yield strength of 210 MPa, whereas the IS 3601 WT 240 Pipe comes with a min yield strength of 240 MPa.

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What are material equivalent of is 3601 ms pipe ?

The material equivalent of is 3601 ms pipe is BS 1775, BS 6323/1982, JIS G3445/1983, and DIN 2393/1994.

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Is 3601 wt 240 vs wt 310

The Is 3601 wt 240 material has a min yield strength of 240 MPa, and IS 3601 WT 310 Pipe material has 310 min yield strength.

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What is application of is 3601 carbon steel pipe ?

The IS 3601 Carbon Steel Pipe is used in various structural projects including constructions, lattices, etc. They are also found in construction and lattices. They are great for gas transportation and also used in various high temperature and high pressure services.