ISO 3506-2 nuts

ISO 3506-2 Nuts

What is ISO 3506-2 nuts?

The ISO 3506-2 nuts cover austenitic, martensitic, and ferritic grades of stainless steel fasteners. These ISO 3506-2 Nuts have a superior chemical content of chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and other alloy specifications. The DIN EN ISO 898 part 2 Dome Nuts have good resistance to corrosive and oxidative media. These nuts create a strong connection with bolts, screws, rods, studs, etc. An ISO 3506-2 Lifting Eye Nut can work in low and higher temperature conditions. These nuts create a strong securing connection and are very reliable. The ISO 3506-2 Lock Nut prevents loosening due to vibration and stress. These nuts vary in different sizes and can be availed in custom sizes as per requirements.

ISO 3506-2 Nuts Specifications

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ISO 3506-2 Mechanical Properties

ISO 3506-2 Nuts Dimensions And Weight

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What is ISO 3506-2 material?

The ISO 3506-2 material covers standard stainless steel grades. This ISO 3506-2 Material is used in hex and high strength nuts. These nuts can be efficiently tightened and torqued to desired specifications. The material has good tensile and yield strength that allows them to be a feature in harsh environments.

ISO 3506-2 metric nuts and EN ISO 3506 part 2 heavy hex nuts are available in M5 to M39 metric sizes

What are standard DIN EN ISO 3506-2 metric nuts sizes?

The DIN EN ISO 3506-2 metric nuts cover coarse and fine threads in accordance with ISO 261 and 262 specifications. DIN EN ISO 3506-2 Metric Nuts have coarse pitch threads of M5 to M39 with fine pitch threads between M8x1 to M39x3.

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What is the average weight of a ISO 3506-2 hex nuts?

The weight of an ISO 3506-2 hex nut is based on its size the grade. ISO 3506-2 Hex Nuts have an average weight of 977 lbs.

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What are EN ISO 3506-2 heavy hex nuts used for?

The EN ISO 3506-2 heavy hex nut is a fastener designed to handle higher tensile and critical applications. These EN ISO 3506-2 Heavy Hex Nuts are used to create a strong connection in different systems. They are used in piping systems, infrastructure equipment, power generation, processing components, sewage plants, wind energy, etc.

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Advantages of UNE-EN ISO 3506-2 square nuts

A UNE-EN ISO 3506-2 square nut is a four sided nut that helps create a secure connection. The UNE-EN ISO 3506-2 Square Nuts has a greater surface area when in contact with the part being fastened. This gives them greater resistance to loosening and higher tightening. The square ISO 3506-2 Wing Nuts resist vibration and are less likely to be rounded off after repeating tightening cycles.