ISO 4144 fittings

ISO 4144 fittings

What is ISO 4144 fittings?

The kinds, pressure-temperature ratings, materials, and minimum dimensions of steam, air, gas, water, and oil in typical applications are covered by ISO 4144 Fittings.

A global federation of national standards organizations exists under the name ISO (International Organization for Standardization). According to ISO 7-1, they created this standard for stainless steel fittings for threaded connections.

The stainless steel grades SS316 and SS304 are the most often used.

A variation of stainless steel type 316 with a maximum carbon content of 0.3% is stainless steel 316L. Utilizing L-grade stainless steel will lessen the material’s propensity to crack after welding, which is the primary justification for doing so.

Iso 4144 fittings specification

Iso 4144 fittings dimensions

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Which specification EN ISO 4144 covers for manufacturing threaded fittings?

EN ISO 4144 BSP varieties of threaded fittings are available. External and internal threads must both have a 1:16 taper (BSPT). However, internal threads may be parallel. You must follow EN ISO 4144 Threaded Fittings. Be sure to chamber the thread ends.

The most common regions for the use of BSPP include the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. No thread sealant is required to create the seal because the bonded seal ring seals it. Fifty-five degrees is the thread angle.

The most typical kind of forged ASME B16.11 fittings appears to be 3000# threaded, while BSP pipe fittings EN ISO 4144 have a lower pressure rating.

EN ISO 4144 standard specifies pressure-temperature ratings, types, and materials for Threaded Fittings

Advantages of ISO 4144 hexagon nipple?

A stainless hexagon nipple is a small pipe that connects two other pipes or fittings. It usually has male threading on both ends. On the other hand, the stainless hexagon nipple’s size or kind mainly relies on the application for which it is being used.

It’s crucial to obtain a suitable nipple for the job. Stainless Steel Threaded Pipe Fittings ISO 4144 are typically male threaded on both ends with a hexagonal bolt shape in the center. It makes it simple to use a wrench to torque, tighten, or loosen the stainless hexagon nipples.

When joining two female-ended brass or steel pipes, hexagon stainless nipples are a great tool to have on hand.

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Which materials ISO 4144 standard covers?

Standard applications for steam, air, gas, water, and oil are covered by EN ISO 4144 in terms of their types, pressure-temperature ratings, materials, and minimum dimensions.

National standards organizations worldwide are united under the name ISO (International Organization for Standardization). They created this standard under ISO 7-1 for stainless steel fittings for threaded connections.

This standard advises using austenitic stainless steel with proof stress at least equal to that of steel TS 47 specified in ISO 2604-2, and ASTM A182 is one of the material standards that are equivalent to this steel type.

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How much pressure ss threaded pipe fittings can withstand if manufactured as per ISO 4144 specification?

Since it was released in 1979, ISO 4144 has been used worldwide. Castings made of stainless steel are now being produced using precision casting technologies.

Innovative casting methods have significantly decreased the dimensions of the iso 4144 hexagon nipple while providing economic benefits and high industrial profitability.

The necessity of pressure-temperature ratings is another significant problem to be taken into account in ISO standards.

Additionally, to the ten common types of fittings listed in ISO 4144:1979, six types of stainless steel fittings have been added, including 45° elbows, male and female elbows, crosses, etc.

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What are the drawbacks if half coupling manufacturerd according to iso 4144 standard?

Negative aspects of union iso 4144

  • It is challenging to put together or take apart.
  • Due to the inflexible nature of the coupling, it is unable to accept misalignment.
  • Due to the lack of flexible components, it cannot absorb vibrations and shocks.
  • Compared to other forms of couplings, it requires perfect axial space.
  • It can withstand a minor misalignment.
  • It can withstand vibrations and shocks.
  • High torques may be transmitted using it.
  • It has an easy construction.